Monday, October 29, 2007


I have a very good reason for not blogging for the last few weeks. We have just taken a much needed family holiday to Fiji. It was such a great place to go for the sort of holiday where choosing what to eat for dinner is the biggest decision you make all day. We stayed at the Radisson on Denaru Island - a brand new hotel which apparently has the largest pool in the South Pacific resorts. It had a small water slide too which the bigger kids loved. The staff were very friendly and gave our five month old baby lots of cuddles. best of all, the water temperature was like a warm bath...perfect! The beach next to the hotel was nothing special but we took a boat to a very small atoll called Mala Mala Island which was just like something off a postcard; aqua seas, white shelly sand and swaying palm trees.

While this part of mondo cherry was doing it tough in Fiji, the other two thirds were slaving away in the extra warm environment of susieq's dining room making many beaded fabric cards. Very impressive.

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