Wednesday, June 4, 2008

flower party

The last couple of months have seen us madly planning for three mondo kids' parties. JJ did a party in the park for her Harvey's second birthday with the most marvelous digger cake. That party had us madly sewing little take-home bags in various ginghams. Then my ten year old had a movie trivia party in which my husband organised a very elaborate treasure hunt which had the kids running all over the garden to movie 'locations'. But the party in which I was most able to satisfy my creative spirit was my eldest daughter's flower party. Hannah loves beautiful things and finds enjoyment in details, so we were able to have a lot of fun. We had all sorts of flower games, but probably the most successful part of the afternoon was the craft in which the girls made tissue paper flowers of all sort of shapes and sizes. There was 35 minutes of happy chatter which was just lovely.
It is probably a good thing that we only have parties every second year though, as the clean up takes the most part of a week!

Invitations for the flower party using vintage children's books too damaged to salvage.

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