Monday, June 30, 2008

more colour...

To look at our homes, you might think that we disliked colour.  I have decorated in shades of white with touches of French grey, JJ's gorgeous home is full of beautiful neutral colours, and SusieQ is currently decorating her new apartment in Dubai in classy black and white (wish we were there to help Mum!)  However, all of us are drawn to the gorgeous colours that nature provides, and a lot of our work is full of vibrant and striking colour. We might not be about to paint our walls a bright pink or green anytime soon, but we love these new framed pictures of ours. 

We were very excited to discover the stunning fabric on the left.  We had previously worked with this Oilily fabric in a red colourway, and only recently discovered this teal version.  We hand-stitch sequins and beads to each square to enhance the design of the fabric and add texture and sparkle.

 Look at the difference changing the background colour makes to the feel of the piece.

 They look far better than my amateur pictures convey.  Any ideas on how to take a photo of framed pictures without getting all sorts of reflections from the glass?


All Things Blue said...

I love these! Especially the blue one of course. To take pictures without reflections you use a polarizer which is a filter you attach to your lense. You turn the filter until the reflections are gone. You can also enhance reflections this way or make a pale blue sky look stunning blue.
Now I'll have to do some browsing on your blog!

mondo cherry said...

Thanks so much for the advice! That doesn't sound too hard at all. i will definitely buy the filter as we plan on making many more of these pictures! I love the blue one too.