Monday, July 7, 2008

do you believe?...

I spoke too soon about wonderful winter weather!  We had pouring rain, strong winds and cool temperatures.  Not such good weather for a long weekend at the beach but we managed to have fun nevertheless.

The highlight of the holiday for the children was their fairy encounter.  Just outside the unit where we stay there is this tree, which we have suspected for some time, is the home of fairies.

The four big kids decided to write the fairies a letter and we crept down in the pouring rain with their notes wrapped up safely in a plastic bag, leaving them high up in the branches where they wouldn't get blown away.

The next morning, the children rushed down, still in pajamas and ugg boots, to find that their letters were gone and in their place, also wrapped safely in a bag to protect it from the rain, was a miniature letter from the fairies with very, very small writing.  The fairies very kindly answered all the questions the kids had asked (they are tree fairies for the curious) including the really tricky ones such as "is fairy time different?" (their time is similar to ours but did you know that fairy clocks have four hands?)

The children did not make contact with the fairies again during our brief stay, but are certainly looking forward to our next visit.


driftwood shack said...

How amazing- we have laundry fairies- they're not such a romantic breed but very handy and they don't leave mucky footprints!

A-M said...

OMG that is the most gorgeous story! ... those fairies must have a very steady hand! A-M xx

mondo cherry said...

Very steady hand and a very sharp pencil!
I think I like the idea of laundry fairies - do they find all the partners to your odd socks?