Wednesday, July 2, 2008

favourites from Etsy - tqb designs

I wanted to share with you the beautiful jewellery made by Lisa Gastelum from tqb designs.  Her gorgeous necklaces, bracelets and earrings all incorporate her handcrafted beaded beads which she makes in  range of gorgeous colours.  We have a lot of beads, using them as we do in our artwork, but Lisa's collection must be amazing. Lisa also creates many of the metal components of her jewellery, making each piece even more unique.

Lisa's Etsy shop is a pleasure to browse through and you can find this very simple and yet very stylish necklace there. 

My very favourite piece though, is this gorgeous necklace in lovely earthy tones (sold unfortunately, but Lisa takes orders).  I will be putting one of these on my birthday list!

Have a look at Lisa's blog for loads more gorgeous photos.


driftwood shack said...

Oh what pretty jewellry- I can't resist etsy myself- thanks for visiting my blog itgreat to meet you!

charmaine said...

lovely post! thank you for allowing me to post some of your beautiful art. your work is so beautiful! have a nice week.

God Bless,