Monday, July 21, 2008

party time...

Here are some photos from my daughter's butterfly party.  A great time was had by all - even me!  Children's parties go so fast.  So much planning and preparation, and then a couple of hours and it is all over.  The necklace threading craft was a hit (organised by daughter number one, bottom centre), as was the fabulous puppet show performed by my hubby and two sons.  And I expect we will still be finding the butterflies we hid for the treasure hunt in December!  The only meltdown of the day was from the party girl (pictured top left), who was upset that she had stood on the wrong flower in a game of musical flowers. Understandable when you are just four. 

The fabulous butterflies in the photos were from Etsy site Clear Cut Crafts. We stuck them everywhere, all one hundred of them!  My children made the butterfly shaped 'freckles' (chocolate shapes with sprinkles), and the party bags were filled with various butterfly goodies.  

All the party guests arrived with butterfly wings, except for my littlest daughter (centre right) who had to make do with ladybird wings. It is no fun being the youngest!


thehardings said...

What a lovely party! I love your blog! You inspire me :)
Love Martine

lily-g said...

thanks so much for visiting my blog,but I'm even happier to discover yours, how amazing and talented you girls are, anyway i'm off to explore your blog more x

Millie said...

What lovely happy pics - I almost feel as though I was a guest too! Wow the birthday cake is amazing, no doubt about the fabulous talents of the Mondo Cherry team!
Millie ^_^