Tuesday, July 1, 2008

vintage blocks...

JJ and I took a break from beading today and decided to experiment.  It is amazing how doing something completely different gets the creative juices flowing.  We made these vintage building blocks which look so cute stacked next to an old cabinet of mine that I use for storing keys, sunglasses and all those other things that otherwise end up scattered round the house. My children haven't stopped stacking the blocks all evening.  

I love having a mix of old and new things in my house.  I am not a collector of what I call 'real' antiques, but I love browsing through second hand stores and markets for furniture or accessories that have been pre-loved.  We lived for a while in Melbourne, and I really miss the fantastic Sunday market they have at Camberwell.  You could never predict what you might find there and part of the thrill was getting through the gates at 6am with the traders and dealers and trying to be the first to spot the bargains.  Of course, a hot chocolate and sugary donut was also part of the whole experience!


All Things Blue said...

They're so cute! I love the drawings from old children's books. Theese remind me a bit of those from Astrid Lindgrens book drawn by Ilon Wikland.

Millie said...

What a wonderful idea! They remind me of the gorgeous set of rubber stamps in their original wooden box The Man-of-the-House still has from his childhood.

They are on individual wooden blocks & he still talks about the hours of fun he had with them on cold Melbourne wintery days. And to think he'll be 60 in Sept.!
You have inspired me to do a post on them.
Millie ^_^

ness lockyer said...

I love these blocks. Will you be selling them in your etsy shop as I am on the prowl for more things like this for our store. As always I am after Australian made...these would look great on my vintage babies robe which will be a shop display piece. Thanks for stopping by my site and the mention on your favs list.