Thursday, August 28, 2008

a creative day...

These new vintage cards are the result of a late night phone conversation between JJ and I. After a crazy day, we called each other with a cup of tea and a sketch book in hand.  Our respective broods were tucked up for the night so were able to have a fantastic brainstorming session on the phone. As a result we have had a creative high today, combining vintage papers and stitching, and seeing one of our sketch pad ideas come to life.

We cannot wait for Saturday when susieq arrives from Dubai for a small holiday (more like a working holiday ha ha). Can't wait to see you, Mum!


The Happy Sparrow said...

Hey lovely ladies! I really love your cards - very cool! :) Martine

Millie said...

Just delightful as usual. How exciting that Susie Q. is on her wya.
Millie ^_^