Thursday, September 11, 2008

citrus colours...

JJ had a craving for some fresh lemons this morning, so she walked down to her local shops with a child in the pushchair and a baby in the sling, to satisfy the urge.  The lovely fresh colours of the fruit she came back with are inspiring us. We have started some projects working with yellows, oranges and citrus greens and they are gorgeously spring like.

With a lovely bowl full of lemons on the table, we are also getting inspired to clean and freshen up our homes. There is something about that fruit that makes us want to redecorate in bright, zingy colours, throw open the windows and let the sunshine in!

While we have been busy working on our spring collection, the youngest mini mondos (our children) have also been busy, trying to rival their mothers in mess-making.  The warmer weather has been great encouraging them to play outside again - there is hours of entertainment in something so simple as mixing and pouring coloured water.

Now back to JJ's craving... does anyone have a great recipe for fresh lemonade?! 


Amanda said...

No, but I have a great recipe for lemon slice. A good one for kids in the kitchen. Would you like it?

sarah @ a beach cottage said...

great pics and congrats on your new website, if I were up there I would have loved to have come to the evening

i'm sooooooo pleaseed it's warming up, just hope it's a better summer than last one, we are in the Whitsundays at xmas and I don't want what happened last year

i love real lemonade

i use these recipes


OLIVEAUX said...

I have been loving our weather this week & I think fresh lemonade sounds perfect!! Have a great weekend! Amanda x

mondo cherry said...

Thanks for the links, Sarah. JJ and I are both going to make a big batch for the weekend.

Amanda, we would love your recipe for lemon slice - anything lemony goes down well in my house.

Millie said...

Oh limes - my almost (after MOTH of course!) favourite thing in life Clare! I love mine in a Margarhita, not very child friendly, but oh so good!

We left a magical lime tree in the garden of our old house, & we can't grow citrus up here in the Hills, just too cold. So I hope the current Owners are enjoying our much loved & missed lime tree's fruit.
Millie ^_^