Thursday, September 18, 2008

dining by candlelight...

We love the atmosphere created by candles.  An evening meal seems so much more relaxing by candlelight and we often have a few candles on the table at dinner time - it seems to quieten the children a down a bit and some dim lighting takes the focus off the messy kitchen and the number of vegies I am trying to get into the kids!  This hanging candle wreath on my back deck looks beautiful on a balmy evening and we are lucky in Brisbane to be able to eat alfresco for so many months of the year. I bought this candle wreath in Sia - we are so sad that the Brisbane shop closed down as it was one of my favourite places to pop into for gifts.

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Annaewa said...

Thankyou for visiting my blog! Its my first time here, but im coming back!:)
At dinner we have candlelight too, it makes my children a litte bit calm, but just a little:)
Have a nice evening!