Monday, September 22, 2008


We love, love, love these bigger buttons! After lots of bright florals it has been very refreshing to work with these black, neutral and cream stripes. We think this one will look great in a black frame, but it will have to wait until tomorrow as we are taking a break from working for the rest of the day - it is the first day of school holidays and it is time to do some activities with the kids!


Millie said...

Love this Clare! Enjoy your time off with the kids. I went & looked at Julie Williams site. What an inspirational lady she is, I found her story very emotional -a moment to count my blessings for sure. Thank you so much for introducing us to her beautiful work.
Millie ^_^

sarah @ a beach cottage said...

enjoy the hols, I am gonna love it, yippee

love the stripes, so inspirational!