Tuesday, October 21, 2008

red delicious...

JJ bought these apple shaped candles on a recent trip to IKEA. They are beautifully painted and look very realistic in a bowl on her dining table. Obviously they fooled her 2 year old, Harvey, as JJ found him with a very surprised expression on his face having just taken a large bite out of one of the apples! Definitely not as tasty as the real thing.


viera said...

Very funny,
.. and whole picture looks lovely.

viera said...

I left something for you at my blog
(I Love Your Blog award)

Kimberlee said...

I must admit- looking at the photo I was fooled as well! - My aunty and uncle have a beach house at perrigan (spelling!?) - and the bowl of 'faux fruit' on the kitchen table is covered in bite marks from my 2 year old cousin!!

Thank you SO much ladies for your assistance with the polka dot party - you rock! - will let you know how we go xx