Monday, November 3, 2008

an apple for a teacher...

Last Friday was World Teacher's Day here in Australia, and this is a somewhat belated post to celebrate fantastic teachers everywhere. With JJ and susieq both being early childhood teachers (one on a rather extended maternity leave and one retired), we know how hard teachers work and that it is not just a 9 to 5 job. 

Our kids today are learning in a world full of technology which is a far cry from the days of sitting at an old school desk like this one and writing with ink. I bought this desk for my boys at a great antique shop in Melbourne and many a missing toy has been found under the desk's flip top lid! 

We've posted previously about how much we enjoy having a break from our "work" every now and then to create something quick, easy and often useless. These three little apples come under this category, but we think they will look cute hanging from a Christmas tree. 

My four oldest children went off to school and kindy on Friday clutching handwritten notes for their teachers - they are all having a wonderful year with super enthusiastic teachers - the note pictured above was from my 4 year old, Chloe. She wrote it with her best 'concentrating' face!!!


A-M said...

Oh that is just gorgeous. It goes so fast, their precious childhood! A-M xx

MelsRosePlace said...

Ahhhgh...i meant to send some roses to school that day! Miss 13 would find it "too embarrasing" and Miss 11 doesnt like her teacher but i still think they deserved them! Mel xxx

Millie said...

Great post Clare! My darling Mum was a Prep/Yr.1 teacher & I know just how hard she worked with lots of after hours stuff as well. She always said the 5 year olds were the most challenging to teach as you needed to have something planned for every minute of their day or it would all go pear-shaped.

When she died I received over a 100letters from her former students & their parents telling me how much she had meant to them - amazing!