Friday, November 21, 2008

rainbow books...


My children have been a bit frightened of the unpredictable and very fierce storms that we have been having in Brisbane over the last week. So, to take their mind of the thunder during one of these storms, we decided to rearrange the bookcase in the room my three daughters share. I've seen the colour coordinated look on  Flickr and in blogs and always thought it was maybe a bit obsessive, but I love the way it has turned out! It has really brightened up the whole room. My 4 year old especially loves it and she can put the books away by herself much more easily than when I tried to group books by author or type. The children had an absolute ball doing this although they weren't very happy with those publishers that had printed more than one colour on the spine of these picture books. I feel inspired to tackle the other bookshelves in the house now - a much more satisfying job than the ironing!

Giveaway update: And the winner is.....Anne from the city sage who has a gorgeous blog full of beautiful interiors, enviable fashion and accessories, seriously beautiful wedding inspiration and all sorts of other interesting categories! She is very generously donating it to Catherine.


OLIVEAUX said...

What a gorgeous idea! I am sure they had so much fun creating the rainbow. Have a great weekend. Amanda x

Romana said...

The bookcase looks great and I love how you put the bells (?) on the top right in the same colour order!

The City Sage said...

GORGEOUS bookcase---I'm like a five year old in that I'm obsessed with putting things in rainbow order. It's like a very colorful variation of obsessive compulsive disorder...

And thank you again my darlings for the big win! I heard from Catherine that she's pleased to be getting the artwork for her study wall...and as much as I love getting presents, I love getting them even more. So really everyone wins!

Oh, and your kind words about my humble blog are much appreciated. have a fab weekend!


The City Sage said...

oops---what i meant to say was that as much as i love getting presents, i love GIVING them even more.

we'll put that down as a freudian slip, shall we? ;)

viera said...

Such a great idea and I am sure girls love it!

Thank you so much for your message. Yes I hope weather will calm down. Please no more scary storms!!!And you are right community spirit was one what kept as positive. People are so supportive and nice.
Have a wonderful safe weekend

Courtney said...

I have my books organized by color too, and it just makes me happy to look at them!

I also wanted to thank Clare (err, not sure who write which posts...) for stopping by my blog this week and for sharing her sweet comment.

Hope you are all having a great weekend!

Amanda said...

Love it! What lucky little girls to have theit own beautiful rainbow.

Stay safe. xx

Kimberlee said...

fabulous fabulous! I need to do this to my book shelf this weekend! X