Wednesday, December 3, 2008

we all scream for ice cream...

Today is officially the third day of summer here in Australia, and what better way to enjoy the hot, humid weather than with an ice cream. These laminated paper treats are the perfect solution for those of us who are yet to squeeze into our Christmas party dresses as they are calorie free. These ice creams were designed and made for Joy's former grade 2 class as part of a fun maths lesson, but we pulled them out yesterday for our little cherry pips (our children - thanks for the name Millie!) while we completed a couple of orders. They had a wonderful time playing ice cream shops. These ice creams are made from laminated paper and wallpaper scraps. The chocolate sprinkles, hundreds and thousands and flavoured toppings are made into laminated pockets which can be slipped over the different ice cream flavours. Our range also includes a rainbow paddle pop, a pine-lime splice and of course the choc heart!

This post is all about sharing with you the joys of laminating - all three of us are totally addicted! If you don't already own one put it on your Christmas list now as everything looks better shiny! As well as making these ice creams durable enough to survive the use of several classes of eager children, they are also fabulous for preserving special artwork and certificates, photos (great for keeping in your bag or wallet) and making interesting placemats using leaves, cut outs, glitter or whatever you can find. They are also a great way to protect well loved recipes torn from magazines and are indespensible for making labels for the pantry, toyroom, laundry, bag tags etc. Anything you might need to wipe clean. We love, love, love them!

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