Tuesday, January 27, 2009

a glass in a glass...

Who says that you need a lot of money to add some quirky style to your decor? We love the endless oportunities created by putting a smaller glass inside a larger glass. By sandwiching things from around the home and garden between the two layers, a beautiful container for housing tealights, flowers and pencils can be produced.

For this photo we picked some pretty pinkish and long green leaves from JJ's garden. We love the natural colours lit up by the tea lights.

In under 30 seconds we created a this colourful pencil holder by winding rainbow ribbon around the smaller glass before placing it in the larger one.

Rock salt provides an understated look.

Torn paper strips were pushed between the two glasses to make this stripy effect.

We also think this idea could be adapted to make interesting vases, with feathers, twine or greenery sandwiched between two different sized glass vessels. The possibilites are endless (and very satisfying!)


Amanda said...

Loving the little rainbow pencil cup. What a great idea!

Catherine said...

These are great! I would never think to do this. Especially love the rock salt one with the butterfly.

Kimberlee said...

I'm with Amanda, that rainbow pencil cup is to die for, always so clever x

Millie said...

Clever, so clever as usual! I've got lots of little glass tea-lights in the cupboard, so must bring them out & have a play.
Millie ^_^