Tuesday, January 13, 2009

we love a playroom...

After many months of deliberation, JJ decided to turn her guest bedroom into a playroom for her two children and visiting friends and cousins. As a trained early childhood teacher she felt the need for some sort of order for all the toys and has organised the room into zones.

The three cork boards from Ikea are covered in coloured card and make a great place to display artwork, and JJ made the bunting for her little boys' 2nd birthday party. A rack makes a great place to display a selection of books, with some comfy cushions nearby for reading them on. There is an old favourite on display at the moment - is any one else familiar with the Blackberry Farm series?

The wooden oven and stove in the home corner are from Peanut Gallery, a great website full of quality toys and educational products, and the alphabet poster is a framed piece of wrapping paper.

The pink rocking chair was a first birthday present for JJ' daughter Sienna. The fabric covered canvas with beaded circles is a mondo cherry piece (contact us for details!)

JJ's husband built the train table which has been covered with paper and sponge painted. It can be very easily turned into a banquet table for the littlies or a craft area. 

JJ is now a playroom convert and has loved reclaiming her living room from colourful plastic and kid chaos. I'm not sure I could be without one either, although once my five cyclones have been let loose in theirs, it never looks as tidy as this!

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A-M said...

Wow, now that's a playroom. Spectacular! I miss my toddler boys and their toddler toys. My boys are at that age now that I am thinking things like "how can I make this room look less like a playroom"!!! A-Mxx