Friday, March 20, 2009

Easter entertaining...

Since moving back to Brisbane just over 3 years ago, it has become tradition to have a combined family Easter lunch at our house. The food usually takes care of itself - the boys are in charge of the BBQ and everyone brings a favourite salad - so all I really need to plan is the decorations, which luckily happens to be my favourite part.

Last year I painted miniature plant pots fairly roughly and then planted grass seed in them about 3 weeks before Easter.

The year before I modified a Martha Stewart idea and converted blown eggs into pastel bunnies with some crepe paper and cup cake holders, one for each plate.

Three years ago I shaped a ring out of wire and then wrapped thread around feathers to create a feather wreath. Empty egg shells used as vases for tiny flowers finished off the centres.

This year's theme is still a surprise (to me as well!) but I love the whole process of flicking through old magazine cuttings, browsing the internet and coming up with a scheme, so I am looking forward to getting started.

JJ has been busy decorating her house with Easter vignettes and trees. This pastel arrangement looks beautiful on her dining table.


Porchlight Interiors said...

Wow, I'm absolutely impressed by how organised you are for Easter! Great ideas! Tracey xx

A-M said...

Oh so cute. Fantastic ideas! A-M xx

abeachcottage said...

great ideas, they all look gorgeous...

you are very impressive, moving & getting ready for Easter, I don't think I could move my blog at the moment, let alone home

how exciting though to have your own home


Catherine@Simply Natural said...

Hope you have fun coming up with ideas - you have to live up to your past stylish efforts!
Hope you enjoy the weekend in your new home.
Catherine xx

viera said...

Girls I envy your creative energy. So clever .I can not believe Easter is knocking on the door. Really? It was yesterday I decorated the house for Christmas. Have a wonderful weekend.

Leigh said...

Your ideas are so beautiful and clever - I'm very envious of your creativity. Thank you for your lovely comments and for adding my link - it's much appreciated. Leigh