Wednesday, March 11, 2009

pretty pebbles

In light of yesterday's blog, it may seem strange that we have managed to find the time to do something as useless as painting stones. We have to tell you though that this is a very addictive pastime. Do not be put off by the pet rock you may have created as a child... by keeping the painting simple and graphic these stones have potential for some stylish uses.
For example
  • you could spell out names for place settings for a dinner party, or the names of cheeses or dips on a platter,
  • a larger heavier stone could be decorated and use as a paper weight,
  • you could label a herb in a pot with its name,
  • a mixed bunch like this make a lovely tactile display for a coffee table,
  • one would make a great addition to a present, tied on the top with a name or simple phrase
  • it would fun to leave a message for a loved one with a little quote or a meaningful symbol.
If you are not too handy with a paint brush, do as we did and use a black "Sharpie". Much easier to add in the fine details! We are still experimenting with white paint on dark rocks - we will post a few pictures of those when we are happy with them.


the happy sparrow said...

Ooh - they are the most beautiful rocks I have ever seen!! :) Martine

Lee said...

What a clever, clever thing to do! Much more stylish than the old 'pet rocks' I remember. Lee :)

Catherine said...

These are so cute, I love them! You guys are so clever. If I did it I would only be able to manage a few stick figures.
Good luck with all the packing, hang in there!

Kimberlee said...

You girls are so clever, andyou make it look so easy when it is isn't. gorgeous x

Ravenhill said...

These are wonderfully pretty and such great ideas you have for using them!

ness lockyer said...

They are beautiful...sounds like you needed them!
Ness xx

viera said...

I am just catching up to check all my favorite blogs and i loooove your beautiful, clever, cute rock ideas. Very pretty!
Have a great weekend!

purple area said...

So cute and a great idea.

Rachael said...

oh, these are just gorgeous! long live the pet rock!

Sprout Gallery said...

I would seriously print that image on to your greeting cards. It's awesome!