Wednesday, April 1, 2009

pretty in Paddington...

Taking a break from my unpacking, and a couple of mondo cherry orders we need to get cracking on, we enjoyed a morning of (mainly!) window shopping on Latrobe Terrace, Paddington. Here are a few photos from two of our favourite shops, ici et la and Found in France.

We love these red wooden heart trays from Found in France. Wouldn't they look nice on a dresser holding perfume bottles?

This kind of cabinetry from Found in France is on our 'one day' wish list.

Beautiful glasses which would make any table look really special. (Found in France)

Cute little desk and chair from Found in France.

The deck chairs that ici et la is renowned for.

I have never been able to resist cafe chairs and linen. (ici et la)

JJ treated herself to one of these zinc letter, I already have two! (ici et la)

Always a fan of piles of old books tied together with string.

More deck chair stripes from ici et la. I have three child sized deck chairs that need canvas. Looking at these gorgeous colour combinations made me totally indecisive!


vicki archer said...

What a gorgeous, gorgeous shop - they have all the goodies, xv.

lily-g said...

I was there only last Sunday and had a great day exploring all of these gorgeous shops x

viera said...

I stop there always when around (and it's veeeery often) My last bargain finds are from Found in France( they are on my blog).
Love Latrobe Tce.


Lee said...

I've always loved Ici Et La, but I didn't know that Found in France even existed (I know, I must have been living under a rock!!). I'm heading up to Brisbane soon & I'll make sure that I check it out. Thanks for posting such beautiful images. Lee :)

A-M said...

How does one choose at 'Ici', I ask you. Isn't that little 'Found in France' just gorgeous. I purchased my little powder room mirror from them. Your photos are just wonderful... I almost felt like I was in France, looking at them, and not down town Brissie! A-M xx

Catherine@Simply Natural said...

What delicious finds! Would have been tempting not to buy everything.

Dan & Kris said...

I met your parents in Dubai last week! They are good friends with my parents-in-law. I saw your mom's work and fell in love. I love the fabric wall art! I would be very interested in purchasing some, but I don't see any on the etsy website. Will you have some soon?

Rachael said...

Wow, thanks for sharing, I never get over that way - now it's on my to do list next week!

Millie said...

A fab post Claire - thanks so much for taking us all with you! Aren't those grey display cupboards fantastic, now my mind's really ticking over re the bank of boring varnished inbuilts we inherited in our home office.
Millie ^_^

Helenna said...

I love dreamy shops like that. Could spend hours day dreaming and planning all the new decorating projects.

alice said...

Each picture just gets better and better... beautiful things!

Gabrielle said...

i hope you dont mind but i am borrowing your image of the deck chairs. I have been looking for a good ici et la deck chair photo for ages!

will make sure to link

x from