Thursday, May 21, 2009

too much water...

The skies have opened over Brisbane this week and there was water everywhere. I spent Wednesday morning as I normally do, dropped the kids at school and kindy and popped into the shops for a birthday present or two, then came home for a rest to see a suspicious amount of water in the carport and the rain teaming down. I opened the door to our lower level and out gushed water, shoes and the odd puzzle piece. Flooded! Thankfully the damage to the house itself is minimal, and most of what we have lost is easily replaceable - things like mattresses, books and games. Still, the clean up has taken the better part of a couple of days even with wonderful family helping out. We have got most of the muddy sludge out (not to mention all the worms!) and things are drying out down there. Thankfully we still had power so I have had the washing machine and dryer working overtime, and it certainly was an effective way of prompting us to unpack the last of the moving boxes! The photo shows my hubby clearing the drains next to where the water was flowing in the house in his best suit trousers after my rather hysterical phone call to come home. Our hearts go out to the many people in Brisbane and surrounding areas who have suffered much more damage than we have.

To completely change the subject, a very Happy Birthday to my darling 2 year old, Jemima who is much loved even though her busy Mummy didn't make her a proper birthday cake!


Millie said...

Oh Claire, we've been wondering how you are all going. MOTH & I were thinking we might have to mount a rescue mission from the South to help you, A-M & Mel out! Our Qld. office is in a building opposite the RBH & all my work colleagues cars have been written off as the Car-Park was awash. One of them looked out the office window to see his car floating off down the road never to be see again! Take care & I'm sure Jemima will forgive you this year.
Millie ^_^

A-M said...

Oh I am so sorry Clare. We too have been in gum boots in mud up to our thighs. Our wall did not hold up and is now being dug out again. Head in hands material! What a champion your hubby is... suit and all..... and Happy Birthday Jemima! Have a better weekend ...lets keep our fingers crossed.... NO MORE RAIN! A-M xx

Beach Vintage said...

Being a local Brisbane girl myself, I hear you. What an amazing few days we have had here. Please no more rain over the weekend.

Oliveaux said...

What an incredible amount of water we had! Sorry to hear you got flooded & lets hope the sun keeps shining for awhile now. Ax

viera said...

Clare, so sorry to hear you have been flooded. It was really scary and shocking! (With my jetlag and rainy weather I could easily slip into depression.)
Hopefully everything around your house can be fixed and from now weather will be more kind to all of us.
Please enjoy your weekend

Lorna said...

Hello Cousins. Sounds like a perfectly frustrating few days. Hope there has been no more rain.

Happy Birthday to Jemima from Canada.