Tuesday, June 9, 2009

a few precious things...

JJ loves a clutter free home and I am often in awe of the way she manages to give away or chuck things that she no longer needs. However, she is a sentimental hoarder and finds it almost impossible to part with handmade gifts and special cards and letters. Most of these can be found hidden away in her garage where she has boxes filled with precious items like her first pair of ballet shoes, her high school homework diary and plaited friendship bracelets from her primary school days.

There are, however, a few sentimental items that JJ likes to have displayed around the house. Here are a few special things that bring back lots of memories and make her smile.

  • painting of roses by a local artist in Santa Margherita, Italy where she spent her honeymoon
  • her daughter Sienna's first pair of shoes
  • jewelled make up compact that belonged to our Grandma who passed away when we were small
  • glass hearts that were a gift from a special friend
  • her silver bracelet from when she was a baby - so tiny!
Do you hang on to sentimental items? If so, do you keep them hidden away (embarrassing high school diaries would definitely fall in to this category for me!) or are they displayed for all to see?


vicki archer said...

I keep everything tucked away in special boxes around my home. Every memeber of the family has their own 'memory' boxes full of old letters, cards and artwork...xv

Lee said...

I have a special drawer in an old wooden filing cabinet that I keep just for keepsakes from my son - it's overflowing with sweet drawings, things he's made, special school certificates and cards that he has made & handwritten. There's nothing sweeter than spending a minute or two every now & then looking through these 'treasures'.

viera said...

My little treasures are tucked away. I am definitely not clutter kind of girl. I have a stash here and in my parents house (Europe) as well. Mum is begging me to downsize..