Monday, June 1, 2009

priceless art...

JJ has just added a new piece of artwork to her shelves full of black and white photos, vases and art - an original and very cute drawing by her 3 year old son. She would like for me to assure you all that she does not have one eye very much larger than the other, nor is her hair looking nearly that lanky! Apart from that it is a very good likeness, although I am yet to see her ride a skateboard! Children's art always looks extra special when framed properly and displayed amongst other more 'serious' art and it certainly adds a lot of character to JJ's wall.


Lee said...

Beautiful, and worthy of a place in any museum!

Beach Vintage said...

Love it, will have to get my daughter to do something like this, very very unique.

Millie said...

This is fab & I'm sure it will be a much-loved piece for many years. Please post when JJ gets onto that skateboard! My beautiful button art piece arrived today & MOTH & I are absolutely thrilled - we just love it to bits already. Thank you so much gorgeous girls, your talent & creativity know no bounds!
Millie ^_^

viera said...

Oh, so cute. Precious memory.
You are very right properly framed they look so decorative.

What a nice coincidence you lived in Budapest and visited Slovakia. I have a few friends in Hungary. Ones I was able to understand a language (not any more). Soo difficult.
.. I miss Europe!

Kimberlee said...

You couldn't have said it better - definitely priceless art x