Wednesday, July 29, 2009

how does your garden grow?...

Out of the three of us mondo cherry girls, Susieq is the keenest gardener. While I struggle to remember to even water my poor old pot plants, she is a mean hand at taking cuttings, pruning and has even managed to propagate 4 leaf clovers. (On a slight tangent, you can put Susieq in front of almost any patch of grass, anywhere in the world, and she will find a 4 leaf clover within minutes, if not seconds. I have no idea how she does it. Neither JJ and I have inherited this ability, although my children are showing definite signs of following in their Grandma's footsteps.)

JJ's mother-in-law, who is a very keen and talented gardener, has decided to give JJ a bit of a head start, and when babysitting one day planted some lettuces in pots. So far Harvey (3) has loved watering the lettuces and inspecting them for bugs and they have been growing well even with all the attention! The plan is that they are just the start of a thriving vege garden.

I am keen to get busy in my garden as well. Can anyone tell me the foolproof method for keeping lavender alive as I would love to grow it around my deck?

By the way, the mondo cherry technical director (my husband) would like to let you know that the website will be down for a day or so while we try to resolve the problems we have been having. If you have sent us an email, and we have not replied, please try again - strange things have been happening in our in-box. Got to love technology!


Amanda said...

Well I'm no great gardener, but I always find that lavender thrives with little attention (ie don't fuss about it, or over water it), and don't be afraid to chop it back/pick it constantly so that it doesn't get too woody. If I can grow it, anyone can!

Brabourne Farm said...

Remember, from little things big things grow! Perhaps Harvey is going to be the green thumb in your family. Hope you all have a lovely weekend. Leigh