Monday, July 20, 2009

a team effort...

JJ's husband, Lucas, spent his weekend hiking through rugged terrain on the Gold Coast hinterland. He participated in the Kokoda Challenge, an annual event in which teams of four raise money for less privileged Aussie kids who are at a crossroads in their lives, and also to support descendants of the Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels who were so valuable to Australian troops at Kokoda in Papua New Guniea.

The Kokoda Challenge began very early on Saturday morning with participants having to trek 96km (the length of the actual Kokoda trail) within a 39 hour time limit (symbolising the 39th Militia who were the first Australian troops to arrive at Kokoda on 15th July 1942). No time for sleep. Lucas' team made it in just 26 and a half hours, coming out pretty unscathed compared to others who suffered from blisters, broken toes, dehydration and delirium. We were able to track his team's progress via Google Earth - from the comfort of our warm homes and comfy pjs!

No stranger to mountain bike riding, triathlons and other competitive events, Lucas still found this to be the most difficult endeavor he has ever taken on, and he felt very emotional to finish. Mal Meninga, a former Australian rugby league captain, called it the "toughest metal challenge I have ever endured".

We so proud of you Lucas, Ron, Jerry and Lisa!


Lee said...

What an excellent effort for a very good cause. A big congratulations to Lucas and his team. Lee :)

Ravenhill said...

This sounds like quite an adventure! Glad he came back safe and sound. Great job!

Sharnel said...

Wow, a good friend of mine did this too. She was the only one in her group to finish. Congratulations!