Monday, September 28, 2009

creativity on the coast...

As you can imagine, with 7 children under the age of 12 between us, we built our fair share of sandcastles and dug a large number of holes and forts during our holiday at the beach. However, all our efforts were completely outclassed by this fantastic structure built from driftwood that some creative person constructed. Big enough to easily fit all our tribe underneath at once, it lasted for days as everyone appreciated the work that had gone in to it.

We were inspired by so many things during the week - gorgeous sunsets, interesting leaf shapes and colours, and the ever changing landscape of the dunes. Here is my 2 year old getting creative with her big brother's Crocs!
Even the Resort shop impressed us with their creative buying. Aren't these eco-bags in a little strawberry shaped sacks gorgeous?

And we can never go past bobble trim.

These matryoshka key covers caught our eye too - perfect for the woman who has everything.

We are back home now and getting stuck into creating new mondocherry products - that and doing the endless washing that comes from going to the beach for a holiday!


vicki archer said...

Loving those strawberry sacks...xv

Beach Vintage said...

Welcome back hope all is good and you had a great break.

The Princess & The Pea said...

The eco bags in the strawberry sacks are too sweet...makes you want to dash out and buy some straight away.