Friday, October 16, 2009


Pregnancy hormones are funny things. Here I am blogging at a ridiculous time after waking up in the wee hours of the morning with a sudden and uncontrollable urge to clean the front of my kitchen cabinets. After finishing those, I moved on to sorting out a couple of drawers and then felt the need to go through the contents of the bathroom cupboard. I thought about cleaning the oven too and have only managed to stop myself from doing so by coming to the computer instead. I'm definitely nesting! I only hope it means the baby will be coming sooner rather than later, as I really would prefer to be sleeping than cleaning... Maybe I should pack my bags for hospital just in case.

Please tell me your nesting stories, or those of a friend, and remind me that this is all normal!


Sew Sue said...

At 4pm I baked cakes, scones & quiche. Why? Just because I felt the need. At 5pm I went to the doctor who said I had a little pressure and suggested I go home to lay down and rest. At 6pm hubbie rang my parents because he was concerned about me. They arrived in due course to find me sitting on the toilet, my mother nearly turned blue as she kept saying Susan... get off there your baby will be born in the toilet. They are steered me down the stairs as they thought I shoulsd be going to the hospital, I had other ideas. Once downstairs and in the kitchen I started putting all the baking away in various container, very calmly. Then started washing and wiping down the kitchen work surfaces.
Mum, Dad & Hubby all trying to get me out of the house and to the hospital. By 7pm once I had done all the chores I decided it was my time to go and as we had a sports car at the time I was ushered into my very nervous fathers car. Mother went int the sports car with hubby and off we all went. By the time all four of us arrived at the booking in station at the hospital it was around 7.30pm. I just told the nurse that they all made me go up there and I was not ready.
Mum & Dad went home, I was settled into a bed with nervous hubby looking so scared. Me.... I was just so bewildered by it all afterall It was my first baby. At 9.30pm my father came back, just because he wanted to see me and left after around ten minutes. At 9.50pm my lovely baby daughter was born weigning almost 9lbs in weight.
That was 32 years ago and my daughter has tree lovely children of her own, Eliza, James and Henry all under 5 years of age and like me she just loves being a Mummy. Hope your baby comes soon. Sue xx

Anonymous said...

CB....if you run out at your place then our cupboards could do with a once over...Love..your favourite brother-in-law.. x

Millie said...

Yep, get that bag ready Clare, I reckon things will be moving faster than you think!
Millie ^_^

Steph Bond @ Bondville said...

Good luck Clare! I've been doing some bizarre cleaning myself. Inside the fridge is spotless and the pantry is getting a huge reorganisation. Next stop - linen cupboard. And I'm starting to put lots of things on ebay just to get rid of things!