Wednesday, October 14, 2009

a trip to IKEA...

We have a love/hate relationship with IKEA. We love the great storage, the reasonably priced fabrics and curtains, the relatively child-proof slip covered sofas, and the great styling in the catalogue which makes everything look more expensive that it is. On the other hand, we dislike putting the flat-pack furniture together (usually a job we leave for the husbands who loathe it even more than we do), the way that the one thing you go for is the one thing that they have sold out of, and the queues at the check-out on a weekend!

We took a trip out to IKEA this morning with the three youngest children, and while we didn't end up buying too much, we were pleasantly surprised by some of their new stock. They had just put out their Christmas range and we loved the reds, whites and greys of this year's decorations and wrapping.

They also had a new patchwork range which was quite pretty.

We then popped into the group of shops next door with the sole purpose of showing Susieq the Pip Studio wallpaper which both JJ and I would love to use in our girl's rooms. With vibrant colours, gorgeous patterns and interesting texture we think it is pretty special, and the styling of the rooms in the wallpaper sample book is incredibly inspiring too. Bed, Bath N' Table here in Australia stock a couple of the Pip Studio bedding lines which are also gorgeous.


Cyma said...

I love/hate IKEA for almost the exact same things plus love it for the prices too! I am trying very hard to keep my daughter's room in a very soft blush pink/peach for a change but these pretty vibrant pictures from Pip Studio aren't helping much!

Brenda said...

We have an IKEA in Dallas 90 miles away, but I've never been in it. Seems they have good prices. Just don't how good the quality can be for those prices. Do they really sell the pretty quilts? Didn't know about that. Will have to check their website.

Beach Vintage said...

I know how you feel about the love/hate thing. I am the same. Thanks for letting us know about the Pip stockist. I had no idea.

Bonnie- amour amour said...

I too have a love/hate relationship with IKEA. I so, so wish they did online shopping!
Love the Chrissie decorations.

Anonymous said...

Well, I would like to comment on your 2009 Pip studio item. There's good news. The website has been translated into English! so acces to all Pip articles.Enjoy!

"There is one shop here in Brisbane that sells PIP studio wallpaper, and whenever I am nearby I visit to drool over the gorgeous colours and beautiful styling. All the canisters and plates are so cheery and beautiful too. I’m glad Geert has commented that it will translated very soon and will ship worldwide – although how I will ever be able to narrow my favourites down to a reasonable number I do not know!"