Monday, November 2, 2009

sugar and spice and all things nice...

Thank you so much for all the lovely comments and emails about my newest little cherry pip, Matilda. She is an absolute darling, and even after just six days it is hard to imagine what life was like without her. She is already spoilt rotten with loads and loads of cuddles (we almost have to have a roster system to keep her brothers and sisters happy) and some gorgeous presents just for her (life as the 4th girl will inevitable involve lots of hand-me-downs in the future). I am loving not being pregnant and being blessed with a very quick labour - 40 minutes and just one push for those who want the gory details - means that my recovery has been swift. I am enjoying the teensy tiny nappies, the addictive newborn smell, and all the adorable little snuffly noises that only a newborn can make. The sleep deprivation hasn't kicked in yet, so SusieQ, JJ and I even managed to fit in a bit of mondocherry this morning without me nodding off on the job! We will be at the Boutique Markets again this weekend and, all being well, I am looking forward to introducing Matilda to those who can make it.


Sandrine said...

Oh Clare 40 mins!!!I am very envious of your birthing ability!;)
Not that I will give it another chance (just to clarify;))I can not beleive you will be coming to BM on Sunday, but looking forward to see you and your little sweet baby!xxTake care!

Sanch said...

I love the little outfit with the smocking detail its adorable! Where did you get it? I am having my second baby next month, we dont know if its a boy or girl.Its a surprise this time :)

I also am planning my first visit to the boutique markets on Sunday. Look forward to seeing you and your lovely wares.

xx Happy baby snuggling.

Millie said...

Delighted to hear all is well Clare. 40mins. & one push - honestly girl, what were you thinking!!! I can almost hear those gorgeous little snuffling noises from here.
Millie ^_^