Friday, January 30, 2009

paper hearts...

We've been working hard this week using mainly fabric, but this is one of our paper art creations. We used a 1960's book which had lost its spine and had scribble in parts. We are pleased to have given it another life with these stitched and layered paper hearts. We love using these white box frames as they allow us to get a little three dimensional with the effect. One day we would love to cover an entire wall with these white frames..........

We are currently in the process of changing our website so email us if you are interested.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

a glass in a glass...

Who says that you need a lot of money to add some quirky style to your decor? We love the endless oportunities created by putting a smaller glass inside a larger glass. By sandwiching things from around the home and garden between the two layers, a beautiful container for housing tealights, flowers and pencils can be produced.

For this photo we picked some pretty pinkish and long green leaves from JJ's garden. We love the natural colours lit up by the tea lights.

In under 30 seconds we created a this colourful pencil holder by winding rainbow ribbon around the smaller glass before placing it in the larger one.

Rock salt provides an understated look.

Torn paper strips were pushed between the two glasses to make this stripy effect.

We also think this idea could be adapted to make interesting vases, with feathers, twine or greenery sandwiched between two different sized glass vessels. The possibilites are endless (and very satisfying!)

Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Australia Day!

It has been lovely to have a long weekend celebrating our wonderful country. We saw lots more flags flying from cars and outside houses than we have in the past, and that lovely BBQ smell was wafting in the air everywhere. Don't you think people seemed to be really getting in the spirit of things this year? 

Hope you had a great day.

Friday, January 23, 2009

while our backs were turned...

While we know that we are very blessed to work from home with our kids around us, it is not always easy.  Some days there are tears, tantrums and many spills and messes to clear up. Other times, the children play quietly together, especially if they get involved in a craft activity which they call "their mondo cherry work"!  But quietness is not always a good thing as we found out the other day while were doing  some planning.  My little Jemima emerged from the bedroom with lipstick all over the bottom half of her face and neck. She had also 'painted' her sister's bedding and bedside table. To make matters worse, the lippy she had used was not any old lipstick but the very red, super stayfast, impossible to remove lipstick that I keep for ballet concerts. No wonder she is looking a little sheepish in the photo! Sorry about the quality of the photo - it was taken very quickly before the face could be wiped in my white slipcovers.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

all you need is love...

With Valentines day fast approaching, we have been working on this little project.  These are linen covered buttons that we have printed with different letter styles. We are still deciding how best to frame them, not sure whether to go for a simple white/ivory background, or a deeper shade as above. We think this framed picture would make a perfect valentine's day present which would look equally at home displayed all year round. After all, you can never have enough love in your life!

We are also busy creating Valentine's Day cards. Counting down the days until susuieq arrives... boy, have we got some work for you!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

books, books, books...

This weekend we attended the bi-annual Lifeline Bookfest - advertised as the world's biggest second hand book sale. We arrived early and queued at the door before the opening, with the dealers and die-hards! We made a mad dash for the puzzle and game tables where we picked up some very reasonably priced beauties in great condition. We then spent a very pleasurable hour browsing through the children's books where we bought enough to require some new bookshelves (not sure our husbands are as pleased as we are!) It was then time to move to the unpriced section where we found many of the old books we use for our pieced vintage cards such as the butterflies from the post below. We really enjoyed rummaging through the piles collecting the damaged, torn, and drawn on vintage books that have been loved to, literally, pieces. We couldn't bear to cut up old books in beautiful condition.

The Bookfest runs until Sunday so Brisbanites still have plenty of time to visit. And the best bit is that all the money goes to a good cause.

Friday, January 16, 2009


While we are waiting for a large order of frames to arrive, we have been busy making more cards. Here is a sneak peak at what we have been working on today. Look out for them on Etsy soon!

Have a beautiful weekend! 

Thursday, January 15, 2009

strawberry invites...

The invitations are almost ready to be posted for Sienna's Strawberry Party. Although she has already celebrated her birthday, her party will be held in a few weeks so as to coincide with a much anticipated visit from her Grammy (susieq) and Gramps, all the way from Dubai.

We "ummed" and "ahhed" over a theme for the party, deciding to stay away from all the obviously girlie ones, such as fairies and princesses, that she is sure to request when she is older. Sienna's middle name is Ruby, so having a red theme seemed appropriate, and she has just discovered strawberries are one of her favourite foods so far.

The invites were made using spotty red fabric, slightly padded with wadding and zig-zag stitched onto white card. A piece of green card cut in the shape of the stem and leaves was then stitched on top. 

Now to think of some yummy food ideas and simple games for the children (mostly under 3 except for my big 'helpers').... any ideas welcome!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

gorgeous green...

We have been inspired by green this week. Green can be relaxing and gentle, zesty, fresh and invigorating, or sophisticated and elegant. We love the variety of shades that this versatile colour comes in; avacado, sage, moss, sea, fern, apple, olive, and emerald. 

Here's to gorgeous green!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

we love a playroom...

After many months of deliberation, JJ decided to turn her guest bedroom into a playroom for her two children and visiting friends and cousins. As a trained early childhood teacher she felt the need for some sort of order for all the toys and has organised the room into zones.

The three cork boards from Ikea are covered in coloured card and make a great place to display artwork, and JJ made the bunting for her little boys' 2nd birthday party. A rack makes a great place to display a selection of books, with some comfy cushions nearby for reading them on. There is an old favourite on display at the moment - is any one else familiar with the Blackberry Farm series?

The wooden oven and stove in the home corner are from Peanut Gallery, a great website full of quality toys and educational products, and the alphabet poster is a framed piece of wrapping paper.

The pink rocking chair was a first birthday present for JJ' daughter Sienna. The fabric covered canvas with beaded circles is a mondo cherry piece (contact us for details!)

JJ's husband built the train table which has been covered with paper and sponge painted. It can be very easily turned into a banquet table for the littlies or a craft area. 

JJ is now a playroom convert and has loved reclaiming her living room from colourful plastic and kid chaos. I'm not sure I could be without one either, although once my five cyclones have been let loose in theirs, it never looks as tidy as this!

Monday, January 12, 2009

fresh flowers...

We were chatting the other day, while flicking through some interior books, about how every photograph that we loved had a bunch of fresh flowers, or some potted greenery in it somewhere.  Flowers bring life, colour, fragrance and style to a room and we would love to fill our house with them! 

I have lived in two houses in which I have been able to indulge in my love of flowers. In the beautiful rental house in Melbourne that we lived in, the owner had planted an amazing garden full of lilies, roses and cottage garden flowers.   Whatever the season, I was able to find something pretty to fill a vase.  While we were in  Budapest we lived just down the road from a gorgeous group of flower stalls where I was able to buy bunches of 14 tulips for about $4!

JJ picked up these beautiful flowers at the flower markets over the weekend (one of her favourite things to do early on a Saturday morning) and don't they look beautiful displayed with some candles in pretty tealights holders and a couple of shells?  

Friday, January 9, 2009

turning one...

Tomorrow is JJ's daughter's 1st birthday. Little Sienna had a rocky start to life with an emergency cesarean that got her out just in time, and then 19 days in the special care nursery with a punctured lung, but has been doing wonderfully well ever since. She has just the most gorgeous personality and is such a placid, happy little poppet (no Auntie bias here!). Sienna is very social, the more people she has to smile at the better, and has an amazingly expressive face so you can tell exactly what she is thinking. Here are some of Sienna's many expressions.... Happy Birthday darling girl.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

new birds...

There are few things that lift our spirits and inspire us to work more than unwrapping a pile of beautiful new fabrics.  We all fell in love with this gorgeous bird print which was just asking to become a part of our beaded card range. Fly along to Etsy for the first batch of these birdies!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

a handwritten thank you...

It is nice to start the New Year with some good intentions. To inspire us to keep in touch with friends, as well as write thank you notes for all the thoughful gifts we received for Christmas, we have put together a tray of our prettiest cards, note paper and envelopes. If you are anything like us, you sometimes get that awful 'blank' when you open a card ready to write more than just 'thank you', and instead find that you think of the best things to say when you are busy cooking, playing with the kids or similar. We hope that this portable tray idea will help to solve this problem, making it easy to write when we feel inspired. It is also a pretty reminder to send notes to people just let them know we care. We are obviously biased about the handwritten card (we love making them here at mondo cherry), although we have to confess that although we make many, we don't send nearly as many as we would like to!

Monday, January 5, 2009

down at the station...

We are well and truly back to work now, busy brainstorming some ideas for 2009. Here is one of the new designs in our pieced vintage card range. One for the boys! We have a habit of being a bit girly and we are hoping to include a few more things this year for males, both old and young. We think these would look cute framed as a series, as each one is completely unique.

Friday, January 2, 2009

holiday spots...

Happy New Year! We are struggling to believe how fast 2008 whizzed by - either we are just getting older or having kids makes the years seem to fly. I am busy taking all my Christmas decorations down today - it feels like I only just put them all up!

All 5 of my children got new swimmers for Christmas, with the girls getting these gorgeous spotty sets. Underneath their sun shirts they have adorable little spotty bikinis and they also have wrap skirts to match. Very grown up!  These fantastic sun-safe swimmers are from a Brisbane based small business called Babes in the Shade and their customer service is excellent - they even swapped some sizes on the 27th December so the girls could wear them on holiday. The spots made the girls very easy to see on a crowded beach and the zips down the front meant they were very easy to put on and off. Have a look at the really cool boy's rashies on their website that look like little rugby jerseys. They ship overseas and are working on an adult range too!