Thursday, February 26, 2009

too good to use...

Have you come across ferm Living yet? Danish by design, they sell spectacular wallpaper (still got a lot of persuading to do to get the husbands to agree), stylish wall stickers and cushions. But my favourite would have to be their gorgeous tea towels. Much too good to use on my dishes! These two are my recent purchases - I bought them as gifts but couldn't bear to give them away.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

new cards and an ambulance ride...

In the last couple of days we have added some new cards to our etsy shop. Here are some examples of both our vintage paper and beaded fabric range. With Susieq in town we get lots more done and the lovely new fabric she brought back with her was just what we needed to feel inspired.

We had intended to blog these yesterday, but instead I spent half the day in the emergency ward at the Mater Kids. A bad case of croup had my four year old, Chloe, struggling to breathe and, after a quick trip to the medical centre, I had my first ride in an ambulance for any of my kids (and hopefully the last). Both the 'ambos' and the staff at the hospital were fantastic and the whole experience has been a big reminder of how blessed we are to have 5 healthy children. It must be so worrying to be in and out of hospitals with little ones with serious medical conditions. Chloe is much better today and is enjoying recounting the experience to her concerned brothers and sisters.

Friday, February 20, 2009

hello yellow...

We have been really interested in reading Kimberlee's posts on using colour with white as a backdrop. We too have felt inspired to add a bit more colour in to our lives.  A week or so ago, JJ walked in to Country Road and fell for these vibrant yellow cushions which go perfectly with the cushions she had made from some stunning Anna Maria Horner fabric.  Some yellow flowers scattered around, and a bowl of lemons, easily complete the new 'sunshiney' look.

This bird picture is one of our latest artworks. Made using three different colourways of the same fabric, the birds lend themselves to this style and a few subtle sequins and beads on their tummies give them some texture and dimension. We are also making a series of bird cards using this fabric if you are interested. Contact us for details.


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

blogging here and blogging there...

Catherine, the author of the very stylish blog Simply Natural, has challenged us to reveal to the world where we are when we blog. As part of the challenge we have to tell you a little bit about what you see in the photos, so here goes.

Blogging here at mondo cherry is a very fluid affair. Although I mostly do the typing and photo loading etc, JJ is often part of the process contributing ideas, revisions and constructive criticism (gotta love family!) and Susieq has been known to chip in via Skype.  Most of the time, blogging happens at my place, often as a break from working. Usually the dining table becomes our worktable - after an hour or so it is almost impossible to see the tabletop as we are not the neatest of workers! Bits of fabric, scraps of paper and card and trials of new ideas get everywhere. 

The yellow walls are my landlord's choice, not mine. We bought the chairs with the intention of painting them white, but now quite like them the way they are. Also in the photo are some of our artwork (vintage paper flowers), some beaded fabric cards and my trusty sewing machine - a 21st birthday present which works perfectly until the very last few stitches of a project at which point it decides to start misbehaving! I usually forget about the cup of tea until it goes cold, but then drink it anyway.

We are sometimes to be found creating at blogging at JJ's place, after all, she has the cool cubby house.  There we blog at her shelving unit, away from the mess, which has baskets of toys, neatly labelled underneath her books.  Above these are picture shelves which display black and white family photos and other decorative items.

For the next few weeks a lot of blogging may be done like this...

My hubby and I have just bought a house, which is very exciting as we have been renters for the 12 years we have been married. I can't wait to be able to put up a picture hook without applying for permission first!

The rules are...  Once you are tagged, post a picture of where you blog.  Free free to tell us a little about your space, or explain certain items in more detail, or not. Tag five other bloggers to show their blog spots.

We are tagging these lovely bloggers and looking forward to seeing their photos!

Monday, February 16, 2009

snapshots from Dubai...

As we have mentioned, Susieq is back from Dubai for a couple of weeks holiday. Going through her photos we found these interesting shots that she took at the Global Village, a temporary market showcasing work from all over the world. 

Don't these embroidered shoes look amazing all piled up on top of one another?

Stacks of fabric in beautiful colours.  Susieq has found that while there are plenty of fabric shops, finding a simple cotton is like looking for a needle in a haystack!

party photos...

After two days of rain, we were blessed with some beautiful sunshine for Sienna's Strawberry garden party. The guests arrived wearing something red and before long the back yard was filled with the sound of 17 children playing and plenty of chit chat from the adults.

With Valentines Day in the same weekend, we found plenty of red decorations in the shops to fit the strawberry theme. Red heart shaped balloons were decorated with green crepe paper leaves to become strawberries, and we iced heart shaped biscuits with pink icing - green spearmint lollies cut in to a zig zag shape became the leaves.

JJ delegated the role of cake making and decorating to her hubby, Lucas (very brave!). The smarties were the most popular part of the cake with many of them mysteriously missing before the cake was cut. As most of the children who came were quite young, games were kept to a simple 'hunt for laminated paper strawberries in the garden' and collage using red, pink and green materials. Thanks for all the ideas for food and decorations - we used lots of them!

Party planning, for us, is not a chore. Some people may think that it is a lot of work for a children's party that lasts a couple of hours but we really enjoy brainstorming ideas, working to a theme and getting creative. The truth is we don't spend a lot of money, making most things ourselves. Having each other's help makes a big difference too!

Friday, February 13, 2009

for our macho mondos...

To our Valentines - our hunky husbands, L, T and G - thank you for all your love and support. We think you are the best!

Sorry that you may not be receiving a Valentine's Day card this year. We have been too busy making them for others (that is, others to give to their Valentines, not us giving cards to others!)

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend with those you love. x

Thursday, February 12, 2009

berry busy...

We have been having fun, this week, preparing for Sienna's Strawberry Party on Sunday. Luckily, susieq is back from Dubai and has been non stop cutting, sticking, and babysitting (no time for jet lag). Hooray for Mums!  

Thought we would give you a sneak peak of what we have been working on - some take-home strawberry punnets.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

thinking of you...

Since we heard about the shocking bushfires in the southern States of Australia, we haven't felt like blogging about beautiful interiors, our artwork etc. We enjoy all these things, of course, but this tragedy been another reminder of what is really important. Our thoughts and prayers are with all those affected and we can't begin to imagine how they are feeling. We have been so encouraged by the generosity of Australians everywhere, who have so willingly donated money, time and resources to both the bushfire relief and the floods in Queensland.

Friday, February 6, 2009

no calorie donuts...

While surfing the world of blogs, JJ stumbled across a link to a tutorial for making felt donuts on Restyled Home.  In the mood for making something that had nothing to do with mondo cherry, she raided the cupboard for scraps of felt and this is the result... some gorgeous new pretend food for the playroom kitchen. The kids are playing donut shops with them at this very moment (with susiq as their Grandma, a love of donuts is in the blood). They were simple to make, although quite time consuming, and extremely addictive. You can find the tutorial here.

Having had her fill of donuts, JJ did a search for felt food on Flickr and came across a whole world of gastronomic felt delights.  Check out Umecraft's Etsy shop for some great patterns. The detail is unbeliveable!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

little lovelies...

We were very pleased to stumble across these gorgeous little heart- shaped plates and bowls. We found them in Spotlight, of all places, while looking for some strawberry ribbon for Sienna's party. At $4.95 for the plates and $5.95 for the bowls they were just too cute to resist. We plan on using them for a special Valentines Day dinner, but they would be just as cute for putting bits and bobs like keys and earrings in at any time of the year.

On another note, I am having trouble walking today after last night's ballet class... I think I used some muscles I had forgotten I had. It was lots of fun though, and a great workout. Thanks for your encouragement!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

what was I thinking...

Signing up for adult ballet classes seemed like a great idea at the end of last year. But, with my first lesson tonight, I will admit to feeling rather nervous. It has been 17 long years since I last did ballet and, five children later, my body is not nearly as supple as it used to be. I'm not sure how my memory for the steps is going to hold up either. At least I have earned some brownie points with my daughters, who are very impressed that I will be dancing like them, and had very wide eyes when I unearthed my old ballet bag full of rather smelly pointe shoes (not that I can cram my feet in to them any more!). They were slightly less enthusiastic about the leg warmers I used to wear. I think I might leave those in the bag tonight!

I am hoping the teacher won't be like one JJ and I had when we were in high school who used to tell us how she danced in Covent Garden with Margot Fonteyn and who used her cane to tap bottoms and stomachs that weren't pulled in enough!

Wish me luck!