Monday, March 30, 2009

folk love...

Today we are feeling inspired by the beautiful UK based company, Lagom Design. Available in Brisbane at Card and Caboodle in Queens Plaza, the pretty folk illustrations on the cards and gorgeously quirky wrapping papers use the loveliest colour combinations and make any gift look stunning.

Friday, March 27, 2009

to market, to market...

We have been busy preparing for a market on the weekend. We don't often do them nowadays, so are a bit out of practise! It is the labelling, arranging and list writing that takes most of the time, and time has been a rather scarce around here. We did find a couple of hours to make up another batch of the Matryoshka decorations in some new colours. We always enjoy doing markets, once we have finished setting up, and love the chance to chat to people and get feedback about our work. Let's hope the forecast showers stay well away!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

a vintage party...

The highlight of our weekend was attending a beautiful vintage birthday tea held in New Farm Park under a glorious big Fig Tree. Martine, the birthday girl, who writes the uplifting Happy Sparrow blog, is one of our dear Milkshake Mums (playgroup) friends. All the details were perfect from the ribbons blowing in the breeze, to the mismatched vintage tea cups, plates and tea pots. The decorative bird's nests and vintage furniture were created/provided by Martine's wonderful Mum. It was disappointing that JJ's camera ran out of batteries just after we started snapping, so unfortunately the scrumptious food, colourful roses, and the amazing vintage outfits will have to be left to your imaginations.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Easter entertaining...

Since moving back to Brisbane just over 3 years ago, it has become tradition to have a combined family Easter lunch at our house. The food usually takes care of itself - the boys are in charge of the BBQ and everyone brings a favourite salad - so all I really need to plan is the decorations, which luckily happens to be my favourite part.

Last year I painted miniature plant pots fairly roughly and then planted grass seed in them about 3 weeks before Easter.

The year before I modified a Martha Stewart idea and converted blown eggs into pastel bunnies with some crepe paper and cup cake holders, one for each plate.

Three years ago I shaped a ring out of wire and then wrapped thread around feathers to create a feather wreath. Empty egg shells used as vases for tiny flowers finished off the centres.

This year's theme is still a surprise (to me as well!) but I love the whole process of flicking through old magazine cuttings, browsing the internet and coming up with a scheme, so I am looking forward to getting started.

JJ has been busy decorating her house with Easter vignettes and trees. This pastel arrangement looks beautiful on her dining table.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

the highs and lows of moving...

The lack of posts so far this week is due to the fact that I have been practically buried in packing boxes. The black circles under the eyes, sore backs and sniffy noses (from all the uncovered dust!) are our 'moving house' symptoms, but there are definite advantages to compensate for the whole palaver. Behind all the bookcases and other furniture that never got moved I discovered long lost socks, missing puzzle pieces and just about every hairband that I have bought for my girls in the last 3 years! And unpacking the kitchen boxes has resulted in an exciting reacquaintance with forgotten about items that had been stuck at the back of a corner cabinet that was impossible to get in to.

13 boxes down.... too scared to look at how many to go!

Friday, March 13, 2009

a frame for display...

You have got to love aqua jewellery! It just looks so fresh and beautiful paired with white ,and definitely provides a bit of a lift on the days when the dark circles are showing. We also love how funky aqua looks paired with red. JJ's husband, Lucas, adapted this beautiful antique frame using some small grid chicken wire stapled on the back - a perfect place to hang earrings as well as necklaces and bracelets with the addition of some little butcher's hooks. While taking this photo we were indulging in a bit of daydreaming about how beautiful 4 or 5 of these would look, hung together, each with a single colour story of jewellery.

Next on our wish list for aqua jewellery are these free-form bangles from Dinosaur Designs.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

pretty pebbles

In light of yesterday's blog, it may seem strange that we have managed to find the time to do something as useless as painting stones. We have to tell you though that this is a very addictive pastime. Do not be put off by the pet rock you may have created as a child... by keeping the painting simple and graphic these stones have potential for some stylish uses.
For example
  • you could spell out names for place settings for a dinner party, or the names of cheeses or dips on a platter,
  • a larger heavier stone could be decorated and use as a paper weight,
  • you could label a herb in a pot with its name,
  • a mixed bunch like this make a lovely tactile display for a coffee table,
  • one would make a great addition to a present, tied on the top with a name or simple phrase
  • it would fun to leave a message for a loved one with a little quote or a meaningful symbol.
If you are not too handy with a paint brush, do as we did and use a black "Sharpie". Much easier to add in the fine details! We are still experimenting with white paint on dark rocks - we will post a few pictures of those when we are happy with them.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

wishing for a magic wand...

We have found it especially hard to find time for our mondo cherry work during the last few weeks. What with the never ending packing (yep, still going!), a few sick kids, and husbands who are working long hours, the lack of hours in the day has been a little frustrating. However, we have managed to fit in some long phone calls in which we have brainstormed some new ideas. We find we feed off each other's enthusiasm and have our best creative moments when we can let our imaginations run wild and aren't restrained by time and practicalities. We are very inspired to get creating... if only we could wave a magic wand to find a few extra hours or bit more energy. What would you do with another couple of hours in your day?

Some of the work we have managed to do in the last few weeks!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

white wooden trees...

Our obsession with white trees started a couple of years ago with a big one that I bought to hang my eggs on for Easter. JJ and susieq went on to buy the same tree as it is so versatile not only for Easter and Christmas decorations but also for parties, Valentine's Day etc. However we probably love them bare and unadorned best of all. We now find it hard to resist any new varieties we find.

They look especially pretty propped up on a window sill against a night sky -the sillouette just looks so pretty.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Monday blues...

JJ and I are suffering from a bad case of Monday-itus today.  I hardly seem to be making a dent in the number of boxes I have yet to pack, and I haven't even started on all those little cleaning jobs that need to be done when you leave a rental.  JJ's hubby has been working late nights and weekends and she is desperate for a break. So, we are transporting ourselves into the pages of Island Life by India Hicks, and dreaming of the sound of the ocean breaking on the shore, the smell of frangipani flowers and coconut milk, and the sight of crisp linen floating in the breeze. 

JJ has made it closer than me with this gorgeous coral light she bought the other day, and we think susieq is a whole lot nearer with a beach full of shells just a short walk from her apartment in Dubai! Where are you transporting yourself today?