Wednesday, April 29, 2009

no tea for me...

I have loved tea and coffee since Mum (susieq) used to let us have very weak and milky cups with our high-tea on a Sunday afternoon as children. Since my Uni days I have been a coffee drinker in the mornings and a tea drinker in the afternoons and usually have a cup on the go. For the last few months, however, there has been no tea for me, and no coffee either - I just can't bear the taste. It has coincided with a distinct weight gain and a definite craving for hamburgers. Yes, you've guessed it... I'm pregnant. Another precious little bub to add to our five gorgeous children and just as soon as I get over the horrible morning/lunchtime/night sickness the excitement will kick in! I'm due around the end of October and early bets are that it is a boy given the hamburger cravings and the amount of orange juice I have been drinking (similar cravings to when I was pregnant with my sons). Boy or girl, either way, it is going to be one much loved little baby.

Monday, April 27, 2009

classy clipboards...

Martha Stewart (and her magazine contributors) have some great ideas. One very simple one that we have been meaning to do for ages is her paper covered clipboards for organising bills letter etc. We fell in love with this pretty Amy Butler paper (we have long been fans of her fabric) and thought it perfect for the job. JJ and I bought five plain clipboards each from Big W - bargain price of $3.85 each - because of course everything looks better grouped. Hopefully they will keep the mountain of paper work off the kitchen bench!!

Friday, April 24, 2009

botanical buttons

It has been a funny old week. JJ has been mostly out of action with an overnight stay in hospital (all better now) and Susieq had to fly unexpectedly to England to be with our Grandma who is very sick. It has thrown us completely, hence the lack of blogging.

Now that our heads are a bit clearer, we are feeling inspired by our button artwork and are loving the creative process of drawing up ideas and printing them on to fabric. We have drawn some simple silhouettes with a botanical theme and are very pleased with the way they have turned out. Next is framing - we will show you the end result soon.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

hip hip hooray...

Three years ago today, JJ came round to my house for some mondo cherry work heavily pregnant and very uncomfortable. I took one look at her elephant-like feet and, having suffered from pre-eclampsia myself, packed her straight off to the hospital. Her doctor wasn't too impressed either and JJ was immediately admitted for an emergency caesarian. The gorgeous Harvey emerged a few minutes later, (all 10lbs of him!) and life for JJ changed forever. Very much like his father, who is full of energy and always on the go, Harvey is also one of the most affectionate little boys around. We celebrated his birthday with a trip to The Workshops Rail Museum which was loads of fun with exhibits and interactive displays for both the children and the adults.

Hope you have survived our very child orientated posts this last week - having all 7 kids around due to school holidays means that they are very much on our mind!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

sunny days with fatty and ratty...

It has been a beautiful sunny day in Brisbane so JJ popped around with her two children for a cup of coffee on the back deck, away from the boxes that still need unpacking. While the big kids were in the pool making the most of school holidays, our 4 youngest were having a lovely time splashing about in a paddling pool. While watching them we were having a giggle to ourselves over how different our two little-est girls looked in their birthday suits. JJ's children are of the chicken legged variety, while I produce toddlers with a much more cushie appearance. A while ago we nicknamed them Fatty and Ratty and we were reminded of this as they stood next to each other - only mothers can get away with names like this and we promise they will be well and truly forgotten by their teenage years!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

snapshots from Sienna's room...

We have found that some of the most enjoyable rooms to decorate in our homes are our children's rooms. Maybe it is because we get the chance to use colours and styles that we wouldn't necessarily use in any other room in the house. And with the kids growing so fast, it gives us plenty of scope to update the rooms regularly! After decorating her son Harvey's room with bright primary colours, JJ chose soft muted colours for her little poppet Sienna. While pregnant, JJ framed a few pages from one of her favourite children's books, Guess How Much I Love You, thinking it would be appropriate for either a girl or a boy. Since then new bunnies seem to pop up very regularly as JJ finds it hard to walk past a cute one.

Little porcelain rabbits from susieq in Dubai, large wooden bunny from Inside Ouside and knitted cutie from local Church market.

Flowery muslin by Bebe, little towel with tags made by a friend.

A girl can never have too many shoes - even if she is only one and just learning to walk! White tin from Greengate.

Cupboard (used as a change table) from Paddington Antique Centre, chair from IKEA, cushions from Greengate.

Padded pinboard from Swedish shop (unfortunately no longer in Brisbane), shelf from Paddington Antique Centre, flowery raincoat by Baby Gap bought by JJ in England before she was even married as it was 95% off!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

with a cherry on top...

While JJ and I were growing up, susieq often whipped out her electric beaters and made a batch of her delicious cup cakes, and we have continued making them for our kids. Whether topped with sprinkles, smarties or a cherry, a fresh cup cake with plenty of icing just can't be beaten in our book. So it was no surprise that we couldn't resist buying this cute cup cake fabric when we saw it and it was just the perfect size for making into gift tags. We can imagine them as the finishing touch to a gift wrapped in lovely spotty paper or some pretty pastel stripes.

Friday, April 3, 2009

for my Easter table...

JJ and I got together this morning to brainstorm decorations for the Easter lunch at my house. We wanted to use things that we already had, rather than buying things especially. Being originally from the Northern Hemisphere, we find it very hard not to associate Easter with spring and all things spring-like. As always, we often go through a number of ideas before we come up with the creation we are both happy with. As I have done eggs, bunnies, and grass previous years, we thought it would be cute to go with a pastel blossom look this year. We liked the idea of putting little blossom flowers on natural twigs but, because everything is still wet from all the rain we have had in Brisbane over the past few days, neither of us was in the mood for a nature hunt! JJ bought out some twiggy balls and this prompted us to start thinking along the lines of a topiary/flower ball theme. This is the result - pastel paper flowers with pearl middles and some matching mini eggs (my favourite!).

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

pretty in Paddington...

Taking a break from my unpacking, and a couple of mondo cherry orders we need to get cracking on, we enjoyed a morning of (mainly!) window shopping on Latrobe Terrace, Paddington. Here are a few photos from two of our favourite shops, ici et la and Found in France.

We love these red wooden heart trays from Found in France. Wouldn't they look nice on a dresser holding perfume bottles?

This kind of cabinetry from Found in France is on our 'one day' wish list.

Beautiful glasses which would make any table look really special. (Found in France)

Cute little desk and chair from Found in France.

The deck chairs that ici et la is renowned for.

I have never been able to resist cafe chairs and linen. (ici et la)

JJ treated herself to one of these zinc letter, I already have two! (ici et la)

Always a fan of piles of old books tied together with string.

More deck chair stripes from ici et la. I have three child sized deck chairs that need canvas. Looking at these gorgeous colour combinations made me totally indecisive!