Monday, August 31, 2009

a little love...

If you read our blog regularly, you may have seen we have previously posted about our linen love buttons which have been purchased by some as a wedding gift for those hard to buy for people who have everything. This gave us the idea to make a mini version, in our smaller size frame, which has proved popular for an anniversary, engagement or just an "I love you" gift. We are presently loving this vibrant pink and red combination, but we also make it in a more sedate natural linen colour way in a black, linen or white frame.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

1949 was a good year...

Happy Birthday to our darling Mum (one third of the mondo cherry trio, affectionately known as Susieq) who turns 60 today. She is in the UK at the moment, visiting our Grandma, but we are so excited that she is coming back to visit us here in Brisbane in a week's time. We might not be the most popular daughters around for posting these photos, but we think they are great - especially the one of her in the frilled bathing costume!

Sending you 60 huge hugs and kisses, Mum. Love you loads.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

seeing spots...

There are many ways in which us mondo girls are completely different, but we have many similarities too - we all love newborn babies, chocolate, doughnuts, wild flowers, blue and white china and, of course, paper and fabric to name just a few. Something you will find in all of our homes are spots. There is something about this pattern that is totally irresistible to us and makes us feel happy. Maybe that is why we enjoy making our button artwork so much. Above are a few examples of spots and dots found in various places are our homes.

Are you a spotty, stripey, floral or plain person?

Monday, August 24, 2009

doily bunting...

How pretty are paper doilies? Having gone through a bit of a 'daggy' phase, they have made a revival of late and have moved beyond the cake plate. We just love them for their pretty delicate patterns. Cut in half and machine stitched together they make a super quick and simple bunting which looks very pretty strung through some trees for a garden party. They also look very effective strung across a window, especially with a contrast of a dark night sky showing up the pretty cut-out patterns beautifully.

If you are not into stitching you could always tape or clip them together, although we just feed them through the sewing machine using a straight stitch and leaving some thread at both ends to tie them up with. Along with finding beautiful doilies at specialty kitchen stores, you can usually find equally gorgeous ones at cheap discount stores for a fraction of the cost!

Friday, August 21, 2009

spilt milk...

Our intention was to post something inspiring today, however, spilt milk and pen on the table are as good as it is going to get! For those who might be new to our blog, our business started as an opportunity to be creative while working flexible hours from home with our children around. On a good day, the little cherry pips (see, your nickname stuck, Millie!) are playing happily outside or around our feet and keep us amused while we work. This morning was not one of those good days. With one 'accident' after another, working has been put aside for disaster management and we are going to be mums for the rest of today instead of mondo-ers. At least it is Friday! Hope your weekend is extra special.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

black and white blossoms...

We are feeling very satisfied with ourselves this morning after finally perfecting our 3D paper heart blossoms. We have been playing around with this shape, and how to position it, for some time now and have never been totally happy with the end result. However, this composition has us doing the 'happy dance' as it satisfies our rule - if we don't love it enough to display it in our own homes we won't sell it. We love the experimental phase of creating new artworks, especially when we end up with the buzz that comes from translating something we have pictured in our heads to something that can be hung on the wall.

We are making three of these black frames, all slightly unique, but with the intention that they could be grouped together. Then the plan is to create some white on white versions and perhaps eventually something more colourful. They may take a little while to hit our web shop, but in the meantime feel free to send us an email if you are interested.

Monday, August 17, 2009

a touch of normality...

We are renovating our house at the moment. Painting the peeling and cracked paint on the walls has well and truly started, and it is going to be a long process. My resourceful husband is learning on the job having never done much painting before - we have lived in rentals for all of our married life together. Most of the work has to be done at night after the kids are in bed as otherwise we have 5 eager little trades-men and women begging to 'help'! I'm not much more use to be honest - my 7 month pregnant body is not up to climbing any ladders to cut in near the high ceilings, and if I crouch down to do the low work it takes me close to half an hour to hoist myself back up!

Consequently, I am looking at the sofas draped with sheets and the furniture all crowded together in the middle of the room with a resigned "no entertaining for a while" viewpoint. Feeling rather frustrated this morning, I raided the garden for a bit of prettiness to take my mind off the mess and found this beautiful Poinsettia. Displayed on a chest of drawers in the bedroom, along with a gorgeous birdcage that JJ gave me for Christmas a few years ago in which I keep all my perfumes and a mondo cherry 'experiment', it is a little bit of normality.

All the chaos will be worth the end result, I know. Already the living room looks so much bigger and fresher and I can't wait to start on re-decorating it... might need the odd shopping trip... maybe a cushion or two... but don't tell my hubby!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

our morning's work...

This morning we have been busy working on a large canvas for a friend. Covered in Marimekko's beautiful Unikko print in the largest size, this is certainly going to add the wow factor to her wall. We have been creating texture and sparkle by hand stitching sequins and beads, concentrating on centres of the poppies. These photos were taken early on - we are much further along now and will post photos when complete. We don't put these large scale canvases on our website as we only make them to order, but please contact us if you are interested.

It is a public holiday in Brisbane tomorrow for the EKKA (Exhibition/show) - wouldn't life be wonderful if every Wednesday was a public holiday?!

Monday, August 10, 2009

rather her than me...

While I was enjoying a relaxing morning behind our stall at the Boutique Markets, with my lovely friend Anna helping, JJ also spent the morning in the sun, but in a slightly more energetic way. Convinced by her husband that 14 kms would be an easy run, they flew down to Sydney to participate in the City to Surf run. Record numbers of 74,000 people competed in this event with the winner crossing the finish line before JJ and Lucas, quite a deal further back in the crowds, had even crossed the starting line! Labeled by her school physical education teacher as "no Raylene Boyle!" (Legendary Australian Olympic Athlete), I am so proud of JJ for training hard four mornings a week, and managing to run the entire distance apart from treacherous "Heartbreak Hill".

Thursday, August 6, 2009

girly glamour...

Every woman needs a piece of clothing which makes them feel particularly gorgeous; as though they were a princess off to a ball to dance the night away. This beautiful dress that JJ picked up at a shop specialising in vintage clothing does just that. With its floaty tulle skirt and strapless bodice it is just too pretty to be shut away in a cupboard but, unfortunately, this is where it presently resides. In a magazine world it would be displayed artfully on an old tailor's dummy or hanging from the side of a stunning armoire, but our homes are real ones in which too many dust collecting items is a bad thing. Besides which, our husbands might start thinking that they too could display their clothing on pieces of furniture.... hold on a minute... they already do!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

not mine... not yet...

It is always exciting when someone you know has a new baby, but when it is family it is extra special. Meet my new niece, Ellia, who arrived 10 days early and in a great hurry - Mum only just made it to the hospital. Weighing in a six pounds she is just a tiny little thing, much smaller than any of my babies. And have a look at that gorgeous hair. Try as I might I am simply unable to have a baby with hair like that.... JJ managed to have two, and now my sister-in-law has done it as well. I am trying not to be jealous! You can be sure I will be arranging plenty of cuddles with Ellia to tide me over the 3 months left to go of my pregnancy.