Wednesday, March 17, 2010

a buzz from butterflies...

As we sit around a table creating our artworks, surrounded by vintage paper, beautiful fabric, scissors and mess, we often wonder what sort of house they will be going to and what rooms they will be hung in. We speculate about whether they will be bought to compliment an existing colour scheme (eg to match a sofa or bed cover), or if they are going to be the start of a whole new decorating theme.

Well, while blog surfing yesterday, we visited Anna Spiro's Absolutely Beautiful Things, and we were very excited to see one of our yellow butterfly artworks (similar to the one shown above) included in a wall of art in the home of one of Anna's clients. The cottage has been given a facelift with lots of white paint and the ecclectic mix of art adds loads of colour and interest. Anna has promised to post more photos of the finished house so soon, so make sure you find time to visit her here and have a look.


Kerri said...

Who doesn't love butterflies? Gorgeous.
Kerri x

vicki archer said...

They are pretty and I saw them at ABT and thought so then. I should have known they were your creation, xv.

Sarah B said...

They are very sweet and what a buzz to see them in photos of someone else's home!


Love this!
One of my blogs on recycled art and I have posted this as I love it so much ( Hope you are happy about this?
Beautiful things you are making.
Rachel Goodchild