Thursday, March 11, 2010

a corner of my living room, before and after...

When we first moved into our house 9 months ago, all of the rooms on the upper level were painted quite a dark blue. It wasn't an unpleasant colour, but there was just too much of it (it made the smallish rooms look very dark) and it was peeling and chipping badly so it had to go. Most of the rooms have received a liberal coating of white paint, but the living room needed something to accentuate the panelling so we also used Dulux White Duck which is a lovely linen shade, not too beige and not too grey.

The white Ikea sofas are surviving all that my tribe of six children throws at them. They get filthy but the covers wash very well (even though getting them on and off is better than a gym workout!) and the white provides a great base for the colourful Bungalow cushions. In between orders, we have been busy making ourselves each a set of our colourful vintage butterfly artworks (available in our shop)and my six are finally up on the wall. I love the way they bring out all the different colours in the cushions and that the most dominant colour changes depending on what other accessories or flowers are displayed.

I'll have to show you other angles of the room another day - when I took out the camera only this corner looked tidy and the rest was buried under piles of toys, books, homework and other bits and pieces. All part of the joy of having lots of kids!

..and for comparison, here is what the room looked like before!



Little Maison said...

Beautiful! You have performed such an amazing transformation, your living room looks like something out of the pages of Home Beautiful.


Lee said...

Absolutely beautiful. Your cushions look amazing - makes me want to change the look of my living area immediately. Can't wait to see the rest of your living area. Thank you so much for sharing this. Lee :)

A-M said...

Gobsmackingly gorgeous! Love the walls, love your beautiful artwork... an amazing transformation!
A-M xx

Millie said...

Bravo to you Claire - a fabulous make-over! Your butterfly pieces look perfect on their wall. Agree with you totally on the slipcover removal thing - a feel like a Boxer after 12 rounds at the end of getting all mine off!
Millie ^_^

MelsRosePlace said...

I'm loving your room it looks so pretty and sweet - makes me want to copy you! I have those Ikea sofas too and agree about the gym workout but they do come up a treat. I take my hat off to you having 6 children AND a stunning home. Mel xxx

A Room For Everyone said...

Beautiful, love all the colour and patterns..Rachaelx

Collecting Feathers said...

My goodness, you must be a wonder woman! I so admire the fact that you have a copious amount of children yet can still have a lovely home and have your own creative business. Good on you girl. xxNick

Viera said...

Hi Claire
Transformation is amazing. The artwork is so pretty and colorful -absolute eye catcher. And the cushions complement them beautifully.
Great job.

Porchlight Interiors said...

Your room looks the cushions and the butterfly artwork! Tracey xx

Ness Lockyer said...

I am so glad that you have made time to do some for yourself with your busy shop and all of your kids. I find it hard to do with two!
Hats off to you, your room looks gorgeous!
Ness xx

Beach Vintage said...

I know what you mean about getting those Ikea sofa covers off and on, its a real effort isnt it, but well worth it. I love all your beautiful cushions.

Sharnel said...

Hi Clare,
It looks gorgeous. Can you link back to the Australian distributor of Bungalow instead of the international site.... pretty please with a cherry on top??

Sharnel said...

also i just noticed you've made the yellow cushion yourself from the teatowels - you are so clever.
Keren's got new yellow designs arriving in May!!

Ravenhill said...

Oh, what a lovely space you have created. I think you have done a stellar job. The cushions on your sofa are so colorful and pretty - and the butterflies!! I love it all!
Emily xoxo

mondo cherry said...

Thanks for your lovely comments. Sharnel - thanks for pointing out that I linked to the wrong place. All fixed now...!


Keren said...

Oh my gosh, Miss Sharnel sent me over here to look at your gorgeous gorgeous room. I get so very excited when I see Bungalow in a real room and your display is beautiful.

Yes we are getting yellow cushions in May when the next shipment arrives, but yours look fabulous - clever girl!

Oh and since seeing your work I MUST get myself some butterflies, I'm in love!