Wednesday, April 14, 2010

almost finished unpacking...

Hello from Melbourne! Here is a photo of me putting my feet up for a few minutes after unpacking what felt like endless boxes. After being used to wandering around the house bare foot in Brisbane, I am getting used to wearing slippers around the house in the cool autumn temperatures. Now the end of our unpacking is in sight, I am starting to think about exploring some of the fabulous shops and cafes that Melbourne is renowned for. Do you have any favourite places you think I should visit?

Stay tuned for pictures of the new (rental) house - it is very different from what I have been used to!


Anonymous said...

how cute are those house slippers?! i despise wearing house slippers, but those are super cute. :]

MelsRosePlace said...

oh wow i didnt know you had moved _ yes get out and enjoy all the wonderful spots. hopefully some melbourne bloggers will advise ! Melxxx

Sandrine said...

Congratulations for moving and getting those boxes sorted already :)!Oh I can not help much but I am sure you will have loads of choice!X

VintageFokus said...

Welcome to the most liveable city in the world! hehhehee

Have a wonder around the city into the little lane ways. You'll find many hidden shops and more importanty cafes! Check out Little Collins St for some shopping and coffee. More bargain shopping - try DFO Essendon and one on South Wharf.

hahahha I can go on and on and on. Good luck with your unpacking and YAY! for another local blogger :)

VF @

A Room For Everyone said...

Welcome to Melbourne! Hate unpacking.. I recently posted about The Works in Hawthorn for home shopping or Armadale's High Street for a splurge. If you feel like getting funky, try Brunswick Street or Gertrude Street, Fitzroy for shops and cafes. Chapel Street, the little lane ways of the city or any of the DFOs or for clothes. Lygon Street Carlton for clothes and everything Italian. Supper Club, Night Cat, Kitten Club for drinks. Sails on The Bay for a special occasion dinner, Studley Park Boathouse or Como House's Cafe for lunch or breakfast. Can't think of anything else and it's been a long time since I've frequented most of these places but hopefully they're all still great and there's something you'll like! Oh, and I hope you like football...Have a lovely time..Rachaelxx

Anonymous said...

Oh your house slippers are gorgeous. Where did you find them?

Viera said...

Oh, I did not know you moved to Melbourne.
Wish you all the best.
You will love it.

Millie said...

Glad to see you are all moved in & are beginning to settle in marvellous Melboure JJ! I'll be there next week, but no shopping for me unfortunately.
Millie ^_^

Anonymous said...

JJ - can you please please tell us where you got your slippers from!!!

Thanks Paula

Emma said...

Like the pic. Enjoy your well deserved rest. Packing & unpacking does take it out of you! Have fun exploring Melbourne. x

Kimberlee said...

I would be putting up my feet also if I could spy those amazing slipper at the end of the couch. Gorgeous! x

messyfish said...

I hope you know about mountain shops like katmandu so you can stay warm. What a big move!

mondo cherry said...

Joy's slippers came from Peter Alexander. They have some very similar ones in their stores and online at the moment, plus lots of other cute designs. I just bought myself a pair too!
Clare x

h. said...

Just found the blog - so lovely!!

Lived in Brunswick, Melb for a yr - too, too short.
Will try to keep list brief (but probably won't).

Fave places to eat were Tom Phat (Sydney Road, Brunswick) and Trotter's (Lygon St, Carlton). Rumi, Claypot and Madame Sousou's also worth a visit.

Fave places for coffee were Sugardough (Lygon St, Brunswick) and Cafe 3A (Edward st, Brunswick).

Fave homewares shops were Douglas and Hope (Brunswick St, Fitzroy) and Thomas Gannon (Brunswick St, Fitzroy).

Fave clothing stores were Chitra's Closet, the Dressing Room, Kinki Gerlinki and Friends of Couture (all on Sydney Rd, Brunswick).

Fave book shops were Readings (Lygon St, Carlton) and Brunswick Bound (Sydney Rd, Brunswick).

Fave vintage/2nd hand store was Indigo Junction (Lygon St, Brunswick).

Fave place to take kids - fitzroy gardens, birrarung marr and the art centre, children's museum (incl fantastic playground next door), Nth Melbourne library for great children's programs (free!), CERES markets, Collingwood Children's farm.

Hope you love it there!!