Monday, July 26, 2010

postcards from the Pyrenees..

Whew... now that the Tour de France has finished I can start getting some proper sleep again! For someone who can only last for about two minutes on a bike before collapsing in a wobbly heap, my fascination with "Le Tour" may seem strange to some. The intricacies involved with the types of bicycle used, gear changes, heart rate zones and the like totally pass over my head, but I love learning about the team tactics and watching these super-human men race over impossible courses. Does it help that they race through some of the most beautiful countryside around... absolutely! As the camera zooms in on another gorgeous chateau, I am mentally moving my furniture in. And the amazing gardens have me green with envy. As they pedal over the high mountains of the Alps and the Pyrenees, I picture myself having a nice picnic on the slopes in summer, or skiing down them in winter. How soon can I get on the plane?!

Mum recently visited the Pyrenees on the Spanish side and sent back these gorgeous photos.

Apparently the wild flowers were just incredible.

The guest house Mum and Dad stayed in had a fabulous view.

Can't you just imagine spending an hour or so here?

Even the cows are pretty!

When are you booking your trip?


Emma Burgess said...

I can't wait to visit...and have even been dreaming (or you could say fantasizing) about moving to some amazing French home. We've been looking on the net- the exchange rate is fabulous. The homes you could buy!!! Emma.

la petite lulu said...

What beautiful photos of the Pyrenees! It would have to be my favourite place in France, absolutely beautiful but I could hardly imagine ever being fit enough to tackle those hills on my bike - it gives you a whole new level of respect for the le tour cyclists.

Luana :-)

Sandrine said...

"hmmm"Big sigh!I agree beautiful!I miss all that so much sometimes!...X

DKScott said...

Lovely pictures. We're headed to Portugal!

Sonia M said...

Sigh... brings back memories, especially the fields of wild red poppy like flowers. Beautiful photos. Thank-you.

Porch Days said...

What incredible photos. It really makes you want to visit.