Tuesday, October 26, 2010

my little sis...

A huge happy birthday to my wonderful sister, fellow mondocherry-er and best friend, Joy, who turns 30-something today. Unfortunately her hubby has to work late but she is celebrating in style with a big chocolate birthday cake that she cooked herself and games of "What's the time, Mr Wolf?" with her two little children!

Here are 8 things you might not know about Joy ...

1) Joy once received a Principal's award while in Grade 1 for 'sitting nicely on the mat'.
2) She is terrified of mice.
3) Joy has a great sense of style and has the enviable ability of being able to walk into a dress shop and immediately see the one thing that would look best on her.
4) Joy used to change her clothes multiple times a day as a toddler, and collect things from around the house to keep in her 'handbag' - one piece of puzzle, one dolly's shoe, a ribbon etc.
5) She was incredibly messy while we shared a room, but is now almost obsessive (in a good way!) about keeping her house clean and tidy.
6) Joy was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when she was 17 and her family has always been amazed and proud of the way in which she deals with her daily injections and blood tests, and how she coped with two difficult pregnancies and has never let her illness interfere with her life.
7) Joy used to earn extra money during Uni holidays by going fruit picking - hard work!
8) Joy is usually the life of a party, but is actually pretty shy.

Hope you had a great day, Joy.... and that you are still speaking to me! Love you lots.


A-M said...

Happy Birthday Joy! Hilarious.. the principals award! A-M xx

vicki archer said...

Happy Birthday Joy........and congrats on the Principals award....:) xv

Lucas said...

I could add a hundred more things to the list that are fantastic about Joy on top of being a loving and beautiful wife and mother. She keeps one eye on the world around her and one on what's really important. Her intuitive balance in this regard amazes me daily...and these days rarely sits quietly on the mat. Happy Birthday darling...your Husband x.

Millie said...

Happy 30th birthday dear Joy! Your gorgeous sister just reiterated what we all know about your wonderful sense of style. Love your sweetie's Lucas's comment, too beautiful.
Millie ^_^