Thursday, December 2, 2010

115 days until Christmas...

I can clearly remember the excitement of counting down the days until Christmas, which is why we have 5 advent calendars in our house this year. You see, I was feeling sorry for my children as when you are one of six kids, your turn of opening that day's window doesn't come round very often. And in past years it has driven me crazy trying to remember whose turn it was! So, we have five different ways of counting down until the 25th December, and the idea is that the children (excluding little Tilly, who at 13 months is still not too bothered) rotate through all the advent calendars. Yes, there is a spreadsheet to keep things running smoothly!

Love these little stockings I bought years ago from Sia. I keep meaning to pop numbers on them, but the children work it out anyway. Inside is a little note hinting at the location of a little treat - easier than trying to stuff 5 lollies in such tiny stockings.

A very visual calendar that my daughter made in her Prep class. The idea is to cut off one of the paper chain links each day.

Various old bottles, decorated with brown paper and odd bits of ribbon, and numbered. As each day is counted off the kids have to pop that number bottle back in the cupboard. They look really pretty all lined up.

A new little bird is placed on it's perch outside the bird house each day. This one looks much more gorgeous later in the month when you can more of the different varieties of bird..

And lastly a classic paper advent calendar from Phoenix Trading with a beautifully drawn Nativity Scene.

How are you counting the days until Christmas?


Naturally Carol said...

Spoiled for choice! Each one of these ideas is inspiring from the bottle line up and paper chains to the wee socks and the georgeous bird house. I have really enjoyed looking at each one!

Millie said...

All your Advent ideas are brilliant Claire, but I won't dare do this at the House of MOTH the Grumpy Christmas Grinch.
Millie ^_^

Bethan said...

How lovely, and what a treat to have so many different types of calendars. I have a wooden one with doors that hide notes and small gifts or sweets... I think I get a bit more excited than my little girl!


Those are all so cute!

Tami (Pixeltrash) said...

We are counting down! Our advent calendar is up and full. Your house is so cute. Love your ideas!

Shimi said...

Love the little socks. So much nicer then the Ben 10 and Barbie Advent calanders adorning my walls.
Jen & Row