Tuesday, November 30, 2010

perfect pots...

I have a confession to make... there is a certain item from the grocery store that has been finding its way into my trolley each time I shop and it is not good for my hips! I stumbled across it one day while I actually had time to browse, rather than one of those trips where I just about run down the aisles grabbing things off the shelf. The 'chocolate and vanilla cheesecake" description appealed first, and then a closer look revealed that a packet contained two very cute little glass jars with the pudding inside. So, I have been building my collection week by week, buying for the squat jars rather than the contents! Mind you, it is no hardship to have to eat them first...

This is one of the ways I plan to use the jars... hanging vases for some pretty flower heads. They have a nice deep rim to secure the string and are just the perfect height for these beautiful peonies.

Please tell me that I'm not the only one guilty of buying something just for the packaging?!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

a tour of Carole's house...

Today we are excited to show you some photos we took of a lovely family home owned by Carole and her family . Carole and her husband bought a 1920's workers cottage a few years ago, and have extended and transformed it into a beautifully bright, modern and welcoming home.

The classic white kitchen opens out onto the deck and is accentuated with punches of green and blue. The replica Tolix stools were purchased from Matt Blatt. Carole had actually ordered a different green, but when these arrived by mistake, decided she preferred this more sophisticated khaki colour.

Love this collection of glass vases and bottles collected over the years which add some vibrant colour to a corner.

The open plan living area is located in the new extension at the back of the house, and these fantastic feature windows have a real wow factor and make great use of the high ceilings. We can just imagine what a pleasure it would be to entertain here with the flow right out into the garden and pool.

Carole's husband brought these seed pods home with him one day and they look great on the dining table - they have lasted much longer than a bunch of flowers!

Carole has hung six of our vintage butterflies artworks above her dining room buffet where they add colour to an otherwise neutral area.

Carole inherited these wooden houses from New Caledonia from her Grandfather and they look right at home on top of the kitchen cabinets and make a great talking point.

The neutral decor is cool and relaxing and perfect for the Brisbane climate. The cute bunny is from Carole's online baby boutique, Mint and Lilac which is full of lovely soft toys, wraps and other baby essentials.

More wonderful Tolix stools on the deck. We love the way the bi-fold windows have been attached at the top so the kitchen countertop extends seamlessly outside.

Such a lovely space to spend a hot afternoon! The outdoor rug was found at a market in Byron Bay and the exterior paint is called Urban Grey.

Thanks so much for letting us come and take photos of your beautiful house, Carole. We just love it and could move right in!

Hope you enjoyed the tour!

Monday, November 22, 2010

out come the boxes...

Although the Christmas decorations have been out in the shops for a while now, traditionally I am a December 1st kind of girl. I absolutely love making my home festive and usually can't wait to get our Christmas ornaments out, hang the stockings and decorate with twinkly lights. However, this year my heart is sinking at the prospect of putting up our Christmas tree knowing that we will be travelling to Brisbane mid-December for our brother's wedding and staying on to spend Christmas with our families. Because we won't be opening any presents under our tree, I am less than enthusiastic about getting the Christmas decorations out. Or, maybe I am just getting old?!

While I might be a little ho hum about adding festive cheer to the house, the excitement and enthusiasm of my two children has persuaded me the effort will be worth while. When I pulled one of the Christmas boxes out of the back of the cupboard today, there was much oohhing and aahhing and they happily occupied themselves with the contents.

So, this year, my decorations are going up earlier than normal and I will try to see things through the eyes of my children.... and not get obsessive about matching up the tops and bottoms of the Christmas stacking dolls!

Friday, November 19, 2010

inspired by colour...

Inspired by the spots of bright colour around our homes, we have recently created a few new designs for our shop. The lovely colours of the vintage illustrations we used make for very vibrant and happy artworks. We think that both of these artworks look fantastic in a hallway or entrance room to provide a cheery welcome. Just add a small table, a bunch of pretty flowers (pick a colour, any colour!), a patterned bowl for keys, and a chair or footstool with a beautiful cushion.

Monday, November 15, 2010

in the wars...

Poor old Joy had a very ordinary day. A large piece of art fell off the mantlepiece early this morning and onto the back of her head. It knocked her out cold on the playroom train table for a little while. Later, when blurred vision joined a humungous headache and large lump, she stumbled around to her lovely neighbour who whisked her off to Emergency where she spent most of the day. Unfortunately, her husband is working interstate, and Mum and I were totally hopeless, living so far away. Luckily, Joy lives in a great neighbourhood, and another wonderful neighbour minded the kids until my sister-in-law arrived to look after them.

She is home again now and fine, apart from feeling like she has been run over by a bus!

Thinking of you Joy. Get better soon. xx

Thursday, November 11, 2010

little lamps...

Here is an idea for those small lampshades you often see in op shops or stores like IKEA. You may even have one tucked away in a cupboard somewhere like we did! Turn them into pretty lights by popping a tealight into a drinking glass or jam jar, and slotting the shade on top. We can imagine them lined up along a buffet or sideboard glowing beautifully, or as a table centrepiece for something different. You could even pretty up the shades with silk flowers or ribbon, or maybe use stencils or stickers to spell out a word.

Monday, November 8, 2010

H is for...

Joy has had us on the lookout for "H is for..." pages in the damaged vintage books that we use for our artwork. Sewn onto recycled card and stuck on the wall in Harvey's room, they make a great display that can easily grow as we find more illustrations. There is certainly no danger of Harvey forgetting what letter his name starts with!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

a new teapot...

I have wanted a glass teapot for a while now as there is something very soothing about watching tea leaves transfer their colour and flavour to the water. It makes a pretty vase too! When I saw this one on sale a couple of days ago, I treated myself to it as a late birthday present. I am hoping it will encourage me to drink herbal teas - since moving to Melbourne I am definitely drinking more hot drinks than cold. My Grandma always drank camomile tea before bed, and I have the occasional cup of peppermint tea, but would like to expand my tea horizons. Any suggestions?