Friday, March 11, 2011

granny squares...

I learnt to crochet when I was young but hadn't picked up a crochet hook for 20 years or so, until last week while Mum was here. She refreshed my memory on how to make a simple granny square.... and now I'm hooked! All you talented crochet-ers out there will be cringing at my very wonky stitches, but I hope they will improve with time. I love how portable a craft it is and how each granny square is like a quick little project in itself.

I've hung my first attempts around my daughter's lampshade. Being just 3 years old means that she is a very uncritical recipient!

What have you crocheted lately? Any tips for me?


Felicity said...

Oh Joy, you've reminded me that I have 'learning to crochet' on my list of things to do this year and I'm no closer to doing it!

I tried learning via Pip's [Meet Me @ Mike's] great tutorials but they ended up being a big jumbled mess.

Me thinks a real life lesson with a gentle crocheter may be the way to go.

x Felicity

Naturally Carol said...

Hi Joy..I picked it up again after many years last winter and made a granny square rug for my dad's 80th birthday and a cushion for myself. It's great fun!

Anonymous said...

Hi Joy,

My sister in law actually spent yesterday morning showing me how to do granny squares! I have glued to YouTube's crochet tutorials and would love to learn how to do crochet flowers.

I came across the cutest crochet flower garland ...

I just need to understand crochet code on the pattern now!

I love your pink and red combo - thanks for the inspiration.


Maxabella said...

I am such a sucker for a crochet garland. Joy bringing joy yet again! x

yayi said...

Me encanta el blog, tiene lindas cosasitas.

Soy Yayi de Ecuador, y seguidora.


Anonymous said...

The crocet is really cute, but I am curious about that fabric little bird house you have sitting next to the lamp?