Thursday, April 7, 2011

dear elves...

Dear Elves,

This morning I was reading the story of how you helped the shoemaker complete his orders and was wondering, if you are not too busy, if you would pop by my house tonight? The last week of term is always chaotic - assignments to supervise, costumes to make and teacher interviews to attend - and I seem to have a lot of work on the go which is not getting completed as fast as it should. I have laid out some artworks which are ready to frame and there are lots more ready to sew if you would like to try out my machine. I believe the technology may have changed since you last used one so feel free to experiment but please don't get too carried away with all the fancy stitches.

I'm not sure my fingers are nimble enough to make you some miniature clothing in return (as the shoemaker's wife did) but my daughter has made a great cardboard box house if you would like a place to live! If you could also let the tooth fairy know that there is a tooth awaiting her collection I would be grateful as my daughter is very keen to read the answers to her questions in her lengthy note.

Many thanks.


P.S. We are off to the Boutique Markets this coming Sunday if you would like to come and see where all these artworks are going...

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