Tuesday, May 17, 2011

more space party details...

Here are a few more photos from Harvey's space party we held on the weekend. We had such a wonderful time and I treid to find the time amongst all the activity to reflect on the fact that my little boy is five years old already. Boy, does time fly!

Clare's tip for the party was to prepare an activity to occupy the children as they wait for the rest of their friends to arrive (having six kids means that she has organised her fair share of parties). I highly recommend this as it solves the problem of children tearing through your house before the games begin. We started with a simple space robot craft activity which was surprisingly mess free as I had covered a bunch of boxes in silver foil beforehand (thank you Jaan and Kym for your help with this). The children assembled the robots with sticky tape and decorated them with star and spot stickers, googly eyes and some sparkly pipe cleaners. I found the mini cereal boxes made great bodies, sultana packets were perfect as heads and little packets of smarties and mini sultana packets worked for the arms and legs. Does anyone have a good recipe for sultana cake as I certainly have plenty of them in a large container in the kitchen!

As the children arrived we presented them with a special badge to wear around their necks. These were for the children to collect a different coloured star sticker for each mission (game) they completed. This saved me handing out individual prizes and avoided possible tears!

Our first game was a moon rock hunt around the garden. The moon rocks were made from scrunched up aluminium foil - super easy and a great job to do in front of the tv. We also used these moon rocks for a relay which consisted of two teams carrying the rocks with tongs from one end of the garden to the other.

I kept the food fairly simple - fairy bread and watermelon cut into star shapes with a cookie cutter, little chocolate crackle 'meteorites' etc. My husband always makes the birthday cakes in our family (yay!) and I think he did a fantastic job with this rocket cake.

After the food we had some quieter games with pass the parcel and pin the Harvey on the space rocket. Everyone happily left clutching their party bags shown in the previous post. A huge thank you to my wonderful friend, Elinor, who helped out with the party games and the general running of the afternoon.


A-M said...

What a lovely party! Great activities too..... and a husband who can bake! Perfect! A-M xx

Mimi said...

Looks like a fabulouse party, just love the Moon Rocks. Mimi xx

the happy sparrow said...

Looked like a wonderful party Joy! Beautiful memories! Love Martine

Raine and Sage said...

Looks like a very fun party, and a fantastic cake! Space is a great theme. My son turns 5 at the end of June and we seem to have been talking birthdays for months. He loves a party!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations it looks amazing!

I have just discovered your blog and am your newest follower! I hope you will stop by and say hi, and if you like - follow back :)

Have a sweet day doll!

Sar xx


Michelle said...

I love these space party ideas! I'm saving them to look back on as I plan my boys space party later this year!
I found your site through Pinterest. Someone had posted a pic of Lego minifigures organized on a shelf. I've look around your site and can't find that post. Could you direct me to it?