Saturday, May 7, 2011

orange, markets and mothers...

Orange is not a colour I often decorate with, but when I was given these beautiful orange roses as an early Mother's Day present, I thought I would get out a couple of our orange artworks to display with them. I was amazed about how much life the touch of orange brought into the room and how my eye was drawn to the display when I entered. I might have to add a spot of orange more often!

These artworks are just a couple of many that I am taking to the Boutique Markets tomorrow. The forecast is for a beautiful sunny day so bring your Mum along for a coffee and a browse, or pop by to purchase that last minute gift!

A very happy Mothers Day to all Mums - may your breakfast in bed not be too crumbly, may you not have to worry about dinners or dishes, and, most especially, may the hugs and kisses be many.


Naturally Carol said...

Happy Mother's Day! Orange is such a great accent colour with all of the blues and grays around. When displayed tastefully it is such an uplifting colour..I think.

Brooke said...

I love orange. It started out when I used to pretend it was my favourite colour when playing with my nephew. Now it really is. Hoping to work it into my son's BIG BOY room.