Thursday, May 26, 2011

through the door...

I love seeing glimpses of a room through a door. It invites me in and makes me want to see more of the room beyond. It is also a very forgiving way to view a room. When I see a photo of a entire room my mind focuses on the big things - the windows, the lighting, the floor coverings - all of which are vitally important to how a room looks, but aren't necessarily the things that make a room feel warm, comfortable or interesting. Somehow, when you see just a part of a room through an open door, it becomes more personal and less like a photo from a magazine or showroom.

This through-the-door-shot is of Joy's guest room, cleaned and ready for Mum and Dad to arrive on Saturday for a much too brief visit. Joy says it doesn't always look like this! Sometimes the bed holds piles of ironing ready for when there is a good show on TV. Other times it holds stacks of artworks or cards, ready to be taken to market or sent off to shops. But she likes it best when it is just like this - pristine, almost empty, a little tranquil escape from the everyday.

Over the next few weeks we will post more 'through the door' photos from around our homes... You never know what you might see!

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Naturally Carol said...

Love that idea..can't wait to see more glimpses of behind the door!