Monday, June 20, 2011

liberty print buttons...

mixed liberty print button artwork large

We have always loved Liberty of London's beautiful fabrics, but can never pick a favourite. These button artworks are like samplers of different Liberty prints and they are very popular for little (and big!) girl's rooms.
blue liberty print button artwork large

mauve liberty print button artwork large

We never seem to get these onto our website, but we promise they, and a gorgeous red version, will appear there soon. In the meantime you can email us if you are interested in these artworks.


cheryl said...

ooo - gorgeous!!
cheryl xox.

Naturally Carol said...

You know, I actually think Liberty looks best when the fabrics are grouped together. I used to look at the shelves of fabrics and walk away 'cos I could never decide which one to get..not having a budget for they always looked best together! This is a georgeous way of showing them all off in little bits.

Katie Elizabeth said...

Cute buttons! I would love to have something like that hanging on my wall one day. What a cute idea.

xo katie elizabeth