Monday, July 18, 2011

time to get organised - part one...

Work space and playroom...

Being creative equates to being messy - something I struggle with on a daily basis. Working from home definitely has its advantages, especially the flexible hours while my two children are still young. However, sharing a workspace with my children's playroom means that we can all create an enormous amount of mess in a very short time. Piles of my fabric and paper snippings, together with the kid's lego, crayons and playdough, can become more than a bit overwhelming if not contained.

While I have no desire to live in a showroom house, I certainly feel much better when I know that there is a place for everything to return to at the end of the day. So my philosophy this year has been to spend less money on 'stuff' and instead I've invested in some decent storage (and quite a lot of time!).

Without a doubt, the key to getting organised is ridding yourself of excess stuff. I try to follow the rule that if something is purchased or brought into the house, then something must be given away or disposed of! This doesn't always happen of course, but I try to apply the rule whenever I can.

My work space is finally operating efficiently thanks to an enormous number of kikki.k storage boxes and folders. I could not bring myself to buy these all at once, so instead I have been treating myself to a couple each week, building up this collection over time.

I have also been organising the children's art. Bigger drawings and paintings are kept in A3 storage boxes while their special drawings are kept in these ring binders - one for each year (starting from age 3) for each child.

When my son was young we purchased the large Expedit bookcase from IKEA (shown below) and I cannot sing it's praises enough for organising all the toys, books, etc. My kids know where to find everything and can pack it all away again. The colour co-ordinated books might be too much for some, but they make me happy! These books are obviously too high for my kids to reach, but I make sure they always have a selection on their level, and both also have bookcases in their bedrooms.

So bring on the mess! I can cope knowing that I can pop everything back in its place when I need to. I would love to hear your tips on organising and will share some more of mine in a future post.


Beth said...

How I wish that I had tips to share!
My only reasonable success was to purchase large plastic storage tubs with wheels for the playroom. One for dolls stuff, one for play kitchen stuff and one for arts and crafts. It didn't take too long to throw everything in the tubs at tidy up time, but because they were so large you couldn't really find anything in them either!
I also have a large folder for all art type work that is kept by year, which is proving useful.
I think your office and play room look amazing with all the co-ordinating storage. Oh, how I can wish ...

Naturally Carol said...

Hi Joy..You've done a great job of organising your kid's stuff. Those big bookcases are exactly what I need here. We have a Qld'er too and it hasn't got any built ins like our last house and we are desperate for storage spaces.

Just Martha said...

I l-o-v-e storage and I l-o-v-e matching stuff!! This brings me joy too and I agree about the bookcase. Invaluable for storage. Have a lovely day

Emily said...

I also have the kids toys stored in Expedit shelves! LOVE that the kids can throw the stuff back in the boxes (which have large tags with photos & words of what should be inside secured on with a book ring) & it still looks neat & orderly form the outside! AND I also have my books on the shelves in rainbow order! It makes me smile to look at it. Lovely to know I am not the only one who taste delight in such things! :o)

Sandrine said...

You did a brilliant job Joy!!Love those Kikki K options :)I also have the tendency to bring on the mess way to quickly...So it is a never ending story here :)I think I find fabrics very challenging to store as I need to see them to get the inspiration kick, so far my best option were the Antonius wire baskets from Ikea that I can hide in the cupboard...:)
Sandrine x

the happy sparrow said...

love it Joy! looks great! :) martine

cheryl said...

love love love your workspace - absolutely gorgeous. love kiki - but like you - have to buy them up one by one so as not to stress the budget more than is needed!!
thanks for sharing your lovely organised space.
cheryl xox.

Boyds and Bobs said...

You give me hope! I share my work room with the utility room and its a complete mess! I work with really small bits of fabric but never seem to have enough space to get them out to work so land up working on the living room floor (much to my husbands dismay!). Its time for a major clearout!
Thank you,