Tuesday, August 2, 2011

breaking the rules...

We've heard that displaying flowers near ripening fruit is a no-no as fruit gives off the gas, ethylene, which causes flowers to wilt much faster than normal. However, sometimes it is worth breaking the rules, as flowers and fruit can look so beautiful together.

While on the subject of flowers, Sue did a bit of online research after all the flower heads from a bunch of roses disappointingly drooped over after just a day. She plunged the stems in boiling water until they stood up again and then re-cut the stems under the water and the roses went on to last a whole week!


Ann said...

Excellent rose tip - thanks! And you are right about worth breaking the rules now and then.... those displays are gorgeous! Apples and oranges are pretty tough fruits anyways.

loulou said...

I think I need to call you "Mondo Martha"
thank you so much for the wonderful tip

will definitely try it when next in need - I purchased roses yesterday


Catharina Campos said...

Muito interessante. Amei.

Sandrine said...

I had the same disappointment a little while ago after getting some roses...I was so sad as I love them so much!!You just made my day ladies!
Merci xx
PS: your styling is just beautiful as always!