Monday, August 22, 2011

pinks and aquas...

We love the pretty combination of pinks and aquas - it never fails to brighten up a dull morning! We all have little spots around our homes where we have ever-changing displays. It is amazing what a difference a new tablescape makes to a room and is a very cheap way to add some new life to a room. Sometimes it is as easy as picking a couple of colours and walking around the house collecting items in those shades. Books, vases, coloured egg cups, jewellery, toys, a group of coloured pencils, balls of wool, and of course flowers.... almost any items look good together when grouped by colour.

Hope you have a great week!


Sandrine said...

Such a lovely colour combination and particularly chez Mondocherry ladies!:)We sure need that today here!x

loulou said...

Hello Clare

such pretty photos and I am a sucker for the palette you have chosen

have a lovely day


Janet said...

Those are some of my favorite colors together! It brightens up the day.